Yoaz Handel: The network responds to its controversial statement


“Not as racist as Megan Merkel’s mm”: The network responds to MK Yoaz Handel’s statement
Shabbat Culture, Bnei Shimon Regional Council
In the video: MK Ofer sent a comment to MK Yoaz Handel

“People from all kinds of countries, some came up with a concert mentality in Vienna and some came up with a drunken mentality,” said Blue and White MK Yoaz Handel in an interview published in Haaretz newspaper. He said he tried to explain Israel as a “Villa Beg In the Middle East, Handel was attacked in all directions, when MK Ofer sent from his party, responding to him in an “in-culture” event, saying: “Yoaz Handel’s remarks are a miserable statement that would not have been said and did not reflect the spirit of white and blue. “. MK Tamar Zandberg also responded, and MK Ayman Odeh from the joint list said: “If there is anything that refutes Handel’s European theory of superiority, it is ignorance and a lack of culture that he demonstrated in an interview in Haaretz.

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In response to the attack, Handel released this morning (Sunday), recordings of the conversation with Haaretz reporter, with comments that he said did not go into the article. The recordings were published in “Blue and White” groups, and then reached the media. “I do not deny that there are those who are the sectarian, if you want to tread on painful points and produce wounds and dig these wounds possible. There were bad things done in the past, there were mistakes, faults, imperfect movement, building this country was a complicated business “A lot of mistakes were made, but eventually they established a state here that is a great miracle,” he said.

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