Yemen .. Violent clashes between Saudi Yemeni forces and Mahra militants


Yemen / Mubarak Muhammad / Anatolia

“Violent” clashes erupted on Monday evening, between Saudi and Yemeni forces, and tribal militants in Al-Mahra governorate, eastern Yemen.

A statement of the media center for the local authority in Al-Mahra governorate said, “A convoy of the Arab coalition forces (Saudi forces) backed by the Special Task Forces (affiliated with the Yemeni government) was subjected to an armed ambush set by a group of armed rebels on the road leading to the shipping port (a border with the Sultanate of Oman)” .

The statement added that “violent clashes erupted after the ambush.” Pointing to the coalition and special mission forces, they failed the ambush and pursued the militants who fled.

He explained that the coalition forces were on a regular patrol mission to carry out the daily routine inspection, in addition to investigating the nature of the security situation in a cargo port. Pointing out that the ambush and confrontations did not result in any casualties.

While local sources reported to the Anatolian correspondent, two casualties fell, one among the ranks of the Yemeni forces accompanying its Saudi counterpart, and another among the tribal militants as a result of the confrontations taking place on the road to the vital shipping port.

The statement quoted a source in the local authority in Al-Mahrah as saying that the incident is a “grave and flagrant transgression of law and order, and a desperate attempt by groups outside the law and order to create chaos in the province.”

For his part, said the media official in the peaceful Mahrah sit-in committee, Salem Balhaf, that “the Saudi provocation and obstructing the movement of trade in a freight outlet pushed the citizens to object to this behavior and seek protection from the tribes by virtue of tribal norms.”

Belhaf clarified, to Anatolia, that the tribes carried out the uprising against the Saudi forces as the only forces representing the Arab coalition in the province.

And he considered that “the behavior practiced by Saudi Arabia by flying Apache, intransigence and the use of force against citizens does not benefit the Kingdom.”

He pointed out that “the skilled sit-in committee condemns the behavior of Saudi Arabia with skill, and its forces shooting at citizens and tampering with ports and public life with skill.”

And on Sunday, the Committee for the Peaceful Protest in Al-Mahra Governorate condemned the actions of the Saudi forces in the border cargo port with the Sultanate of Oman.

In a statement, a copy of which arrived to Anatolia, the Peaceful Protest Committee said, “The Saudi forces present at the border cargo port in Al-Mahra Governorate have taken arbitrary decisions against Yemeni travelers.”

She explained that the procedures included “preventing the passage of heavy equipment imported by citizens from abroad, and preventing the issuance of customs clearance permits for citizens’ equipment, in addition to obliging travelers to obtain new passports even though their validity has not expired.”

And the Committee for the Protest of People of Skilled Protests, a movement in Al-Mahra Governorate, organizes demonstrations against the presence of Saudi forces in the governorate bordering the Sultanate of Oman from time to time, describing it as “occupation”.

Since the end of 2017, Saudi Arabia has pushed with its forces and military and security mechanisms, within the framework of strengthening security, controlling and combating smuggling operations, according to statements by the Kingdom-led Arab coalition in Yemen.

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