With blue cars against annuities


In the square with blue cars, to contest the annuities of others. Someone who, in order not to be seen, lets himself be left in the streets next door and arrives on foot, in a suit that seems to have been removed from the ironing room. Luigi Di Maio who, in the end, crosses the whole crowd to give selfies just like Matteo Salvini does. It takes him half an hour, but on the corner with Piazza Venezia there is the car waiting for him: blue. Symbol of a power that has become a privilege when others sit down. Vehicle for the revolution against Caste, when it carries the pentastellate backs. What then is the same logic of the annuities, the subject of this event: in truth they were already abolished in 2011, when we moved to a “contributory” system as in the rest of the world, but in the absence of other arguments now we are thrown against the rights acquired with the previous system, so much concern others.

Here it is, Piazza Santi Apostoli which for one afternoon became the square of Our Lady of Hypocrisy. Full square, nothing to do with the dimensions of those of the past, such as San Giovanni and Circo Massimo, filled not spontaneously, but with buses from all over Italy, as hated mass parties did. Square of identity regurgitation, “pissed”, in a climate of return to the origins. Square of an angry hard hoof who wants to scream his “we are not dead”. Little music, deafening stadium trumpets, “o-ne-stà o-ne-stà”, as a litany of an exorcism to dispel the demons of a sensational identity crisis. Few young people, signs “do not give up”, “no to alliances”. Whistles for Salvini, Renzi hated more than he, impatience for the Democratic Party, named Conte, the animal spirit of the people is “against”: it is the pre-political drive to cling to indispensable flags, with the Manichaeism of those who do not want to see what happened . It is “we are us”, neither of the right nor of the left, with the paradox that the very reason for the crisis becomes ballast to hold on to.

“Fault of others”, always and in any case, if what is right has not been understood by the Italians. And anger returns to journalists, some in particular such as the writer, the colleague of the Republic or the envoy of the Hyenas: “pennivendoli” who do not write the “truth”, because so their owners want. The conspiracy syndrome returns, on the part of the televisions that “obscure the Movement”, and it does not matter that the public service is still governed according to the division implemented by the Gialloverde government. This too is a culture of hatred and social envy, so there is no freedom of thought or intellectual work, but only privileges of well-paid servants of opaque masters.

In this square of “resistance”, which already has the spirit of reduced identity, there is a prepolitical instinct that is not a country idea, and with it the illusion, or rather the illusion, that one can be “against ”The System once you have become a System, without falling into the trap of being against yourself, even without your knowledge.

Look at the ministers and undersecretaries who come from a side street, all in blue suits and white shirts, the only ones without tie Di Maio and Bonafede, bourgeois from the Rome of power that knows how to dress barbarians with the bosses’ brands. While the boys of the escorts watch discreetly. They linger smugly in the forest of cameras, now accustomed to speaking without saying, to justify and to justify themselves in the name of the everlasting “good of the country”. They no longer have all this anger, but they need to mobilize the people to stem a frightening crisis. It is not true that power wears out those who do not have it. Even those who have it are afraid of losing it. The most pro-PD ministers, from Patuanelli to D’’Incà, are kept under the stage, Bonafede and Di Maio, after all, do not force even much. But they proudly wave the historical flags, against annuities and in defense of the abolition of the prescription, which allows to swell the identity chest, but without shaking the fragile government balance.

Let’s face it: a gigantic removal envelops everything, drowned in the rhetoric of “we are a force that cannot be broken down” and “changes step by step, after 50 years of politics that has destroyed us”. The removal of the defeat, of the choices made and of those to be made, of the past and present allies, of Count 1 and Count 2, and more generally of Conte, remained almost unnamed. And, as Peppino said, “I said everything”.

At this square and on this stage, which has not yet digested Salvini’s “betrayal”, it is clear that the new painting does not like, as does not like the policy of alliances. And this “third phase” of the Movement, opened after Di Maio’s resignation, still lived as the Chief by his people in Piazza Santi Apostoli, appears as an attempt to freeze labor, in evoking the great future behind, in the form battle against annuities. The travail of a force within which a confused dialectic between right and left has opened. Di Maio, a scrapped man who recalls the fundamental principles, albeit dented, is the symbol not of an “evolution”, but of the constitutive misunderstanding that arises again, neither being nor right wing is left wing, which meets a popular sentiment. Of that people.

The square tells of this “sentimental connection” with the ex-leader of the Movement. Those who remained cling to identity, to the myths of its not long history, to its flags. The government comes later, it does not heat up, it is experienced as a state of necessity rather than as the incubator of a prospect. The “we” was there, the “others” not even named.

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