Windows 10: RCS arrives on PC in Your phone, thanks to Samsung


Windows 10 users who bought one of the Galaxy S20 now benefit from RCS rich messaging in the Your Phone app. Users who want to take advantage of this feature must go through the Samsung messaging app on their smartphones.

A Galaxy S20 Ultra / Credits: Phonandroid

RCS messaging is an evolution of texting and MMS, two technologies that are starting to get a bit outdated – forgive the understatement. The RCS (Rich Communication Services) allows you to deliver conversations enriched with high quality multimedia content between Android smartphones by default. The system is a kind of open pendant to the iMessage technology that has been present on the iPhone for years.

However, its arrival on Android smartphones is quite slow, between Google’s attempts to bypass operators, and the handful of operators who actually supported the system. And despite its existence on Windows 10, and its ability to send and receive SMS, Your phone remained incompatible with RCS, even on smartphones correctly configured for this type of enriched conversations.

Galaxy S20, first concerned

This was without counting on the partnership between Microsoft and Samsung. The second has, for example, been preinstalling a suite of Microsoft applications on its smartphones for some time. The Gallery app is now fully integrated with OneDrive. And the Microsoft Store sells several models of Samsung smartphones. One of the project leaders for Your Phone at Microsoft announces on Twitter the arrival of RCS on the PC application.

This support is conditional on having a Galaxy S20, s20 + or Ultra for the moment. The Galaxy Z Flip is currently incompatible with this feature of Your phone. Another condition: you must use the default Samsung Messages app. Given the partnership with Microsoft we can expect that more Samsung smartphones will soon become compatible with the functionality. For the time being, however, no calendar has been announced.

Source: Windows Central

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