Who wants to be a millionaire ?, the men on Earth: the best question ever to the Bergamo dentist


A question, it must be said, amazing, interesting, exciting. We are a Who wants to Be a Millionaire?, the mythical quiz conducted by Gerry Scotti on Channel 5. The episode is that of Wednesday 12 February, where the climb towards the million of a Bergamo dentist who arrived at the 11th question. Which read: “Second Population Reference Bureau, about how many people have lived on Earth so far? “. The possible answers were: A 50 billion; B 110 billion; C 10 billion; D 1 trillion. Incidentally, the exact answer is B, or 110 billion. This is an estimate proposed in 1995 by Carl Haub of the Population Reference Bureau and updated in 2002 and therefore in 2017.

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