Whale Partnership: The Energy Ministry’s decision will not have a significant impact on the project – gas and oil


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According to reports, during tests conducted during the initial phases of the project facilities, vibration was detected in a short pipe section (about 30 meters in length, called a “jumper”) that connects each wellhead to the seabed pipeline. Following this, the Nobel Energy project operator, as a precautionary and temporary and controlled measure, restricted the production from the wells. This is to test the nature and scope of the vibration through dedicated equipment and consultants with expertise in the field. To date, one of four production wells has been tested and no unusual findings have been found. Therefore, the production capacity was increased from this well, in parallel with the continued testing of the other wells.

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According to the partnership, during the initial activity period, it was decided that the production capacity of the project would be limited to approximately 850-700 MMCF per day, as part of a gradual increase to full production capacity. In the near future, after completing all project systems testing on the production platform, the partners intend, in coordination with the Ministry of Energy, to gradually increase the volume of production up to about 1,200 MMCF per day, for the summer months.

According to the partnership, based on consultants in the field, this event is not expected to have a material impact on the project’s production system and can be addressed, as required, by recognized means that are insignificant. In addition, the event had no effect on the supply of natural gas to whale partner customers, in accordance with the obligations stipulated in the gas supply agreements. During the initial stages of operation of the project facilities, various other events may occur, among other things, as a result of examining the activities of all project systems.

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