“We will strike in the US until it withdraws from Islamic countries”


The commemoration ceremony commemorating the end of the 40 days of mourning for the elimination of Quds Force commander, General Kassem Suleimani, served as a platform for threats for the Revolutionary Guards headquarters against the United States and Israel.

Suleimani’s commander, General Hussein Salami, commander of the Revolutionary Guards, eulogized his friend, saying: “He was the architect of Israeli and American defeat. He faced our enemy like a mighty mountain.”

Salami also attacked the United States, saying: “We will not stop beating in the United States until the last of its soldiers leave from the Islamic lands. The Americans hated Qassem for eliminating ISIS’s Thakfiri scourge. They couldn’t stand it.”

Salami addressed the words of Chief of Staff Kochavi and said: “Today, a senior Zionist regime said that they helped the United States eliminate our people in Iraq and Syria. I tell them now, you are wrong and if you make another mistake, we will beat you. ”

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At the event, his replacement in the role of Suleimani, Ismail Qaani, said: “Suleimani was the living spirit behind the resistance and put the Islamic revolution in its final and final stage.”

In Suleimani’s will, which was uncovered in the same class, the commander who eliminated his gunmen called on to continue his path, claiming that the United States behaves “like a rabid dog”

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