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Fall: We will form a team to round up poor products and find solutions

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Bandar Al-Khareef, the Saudi Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, stressed that the Ministry will not accept the existence of poor products in the Kingdom market, which violate competition with national companies, explaining that a joint team has been formed with several government agencies, especially the General Authority of Customs and the General Authority for Standards, Metrology and Quality, to correct Develop these products and find solutions.

Minister Al-Khareef said, during his visit to the projects of the second industrial city in Riyadh, yesterday, “Everyone is keen to support and enable national companies, in line with the directions of leadership,” noting that the application of solutions quickly contributes to the national companies pumping new investments inside and outside Saudi Arabia.

He pointed out that industrial development with the participation of the private sector enjoys great support from the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, in order to consolidate the pillars of the Saudi economy, and achieve sustainable development according to the aspiration of the Saudi Vision 2030, stressing that the stages of economic reform are proceeding with a firm and confident step, according to the testimonies of the largest specialized international institutions , According to the “Economic” newspaper.

Al-Khorayef added that MODON, with its quality services and products, is a major hub for the advancement of the industrial sector in the Kingdom, and it continues its efforts to attract more local and foreign investments of added value, and to transfer and localize knowledge to its industrial cities.

Regarding the role of the Local Content and Governmental Procurement Authority in supporting the national industry and local factories, Al-Khareef said that “the authority’s system has started to be implemented, and the regulations have been issued and there is no doubt that it will have a significant impact on industry in the Kingdom.”

Minister Al-Khorayef briefed the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Authority for Industrial Estates and Technology Zones “MODON”, during his visit to the city, about the existing projects that are being implemented, and their services that enhance the industrial investment environment to meet the requirements of investors in the local and foreign private sector, as well as inspecting many existing factories and facilities, And the stages of work in the new projects that are being implemented, including logistical services and infrastructure and housing projects.

For his part, Eng. Khaled Al Salem clarified that MODON works together with the private sector to enable the industry and contribute to increasing local content within the framework of a flexible strategy that is able to keep pace with developments that the global industrial sector may witness, which is evident through its initiatives towards transformation. Digital and motivating factories to adopt the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and to help them achieve the highest levels of productive efficiency in cooperation with their local and global partners, and in accordance with their initiatives in the program of developing the national industry and logistic services “Nadlab”.

He emphasized the completion of the stages of establishing 16 ready factories with areas of 1500 square meters, 100%, within the strategy of “MODON” to provide innovative products and services to support entrepreneurs in integration with its partners in government and private entities, including “land and loan” products and “factory and loan” with the Industrial Development Fund Saudi Arabia, and “Foundations” with the Social Development Bank, in addition to an agreement with Manafea Financial to provide collective ownership financing for small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs within industrial cities.

He indicated that projects are underway to rehabilitate the infrastructure of the western residential area, including the existing roads and sidewalks, and to add rainwater drainage networks, irrigation networks, and lighting poles.

He pointed out that the second industrial city in Riyadh was established in 1976 on an area of ​​19 million square meters and is fully developed, and includes 1119 industrial and service contracts between a product and existing and under construction and establishment, and contains many specific industries, most notably: electronic and optical products, pharmaceutical products, and equipment Electrical, and other manufacturing industries, as well as leather products, the textile industry, chemicals and their products, as well as the manufacture of food products, machinery and equipment, motor vehicles and semi-trailers and trailers.

He stated that the second industrial city in Riyadh has many service features, including branches: the Ministry of Trade and Investment, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh, as well as the General Directorate of Passports, the General Directorate of Civil Defense, and the Saudi Post Corporation.
It is noteworthy that the second industrial city in Riyadh is 52 km from King Khalid International Airport, 24 km from the General Railways Organization in Riyadh, and 24 km from the Riyadh Dry Port.

MODON oversees 35 existing industrial cities and is under development in various regions of the Kingdom, in addition to its supervision of private industrial complexes and cities. The developed industrial lands exceeded 198.8 million square meters so far, and the existing industrial cities include more than 3500 productive factories.

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