Wavey unveiled the folding phone Mate Xs at the Barcelona show


Cancellation of the MWC mobile show, the boycott of the US president and even the Corona virus – did not stop Wawawi from announcing in Barcelona the second generation smartphone with their folding screen – Mate Xs.

It’s a device that offers an eight-inch screen when it’s open, and when folded it gets a 6.6-inch front screen and 6.38-inch rear. The reason for folding two screens is that, unlike Samsung’s Fold Galaxy, the wavy screen does not fold in, but out, so you can continue to use the touch screen even when folded. Chinese wise. Except for this matter with biological viruses …

Evaluation of the Hawaiian Mate Xs

Why do you need an eight-inch screen on your smartphone? First of all, you get a tablet experience when the monitor is open. Bawawi notes that it is also convenient to read a book like this, browse wide-screen sites, or work in three apps at the same time.

In terms of its durability, Wavy uses a flexible screen with a double layer of optical polymer. This stuff is not cheap: it costs three times more than gold. Wavie also improved the screen folding mechanism with liquid metal. Who said Terminator 2 and didn’t accept?

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The Wavy home processor in this model is the Kirin 990 with better support for 5th generation cellular networks and artificial intelligence. There is 8 GB of working memory and 512 GB of storage. The battery comes in at 4500 m / h with a super-fast 55 watt charge. In half an hour, 85% get energy.

The camera on the Mate Xs comes, of course, with Leica Sensors. These are four sensors: 40 megapixel main sensor with aperture key F1.8, telephoto sensor 8 megapixel with F2.4 and optical stabilizer, 16 megapixel wide sensor with F2.2 and depth sensor ToF. The camera on this smartphone provides triple dual optical zoom, dual digital zoom 30 and dual integrated zoom 45.

The operating system is Android 10 (without Google store access) with Wavie’s casing – EMUI 10. Wavy promotes with its devices, access to the app store it has set up as a replacement for Google – AppGallery.

The price of the Mate Xs is € 2,500, about NIS 9,300. Wawi noted that it will start selling this smartphone in various countries around the world next month – and not just in China.

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