Wave of Sexual Extortion Messages in Israeli Mails | The novelty: converting money into virtual currencies


This past week they were accepted by the information security company “ESET” Reports of emails being sent to Israelis claiming that their accounts were hacked through a scam that infected them as they surfed the site with sexual content.

Professional language is called this type of attack “Sextortion”, Sexual blackmail messages. In practice there is no cause for concern, it is a successful method that unfortunately works. The device has not really been hacked and no one has a video recording you. The burglars are asking the attackers to deposit a payment into the Etherium wallet (Their digital currency).

The resumption of the current wave of attacks Is that it can be seen that they made a match for Israel, by directing the attackers to Israeli sites to convert money into virtual currencies.

The blackmail message her attackers receive

The blackmail message industry is paying off for the perpetrators, even if one out of 1,000 or 5,000 sent messages pays the ransom, the network offenders have earned, and will probably restart it in a different format with a new and up-to-date list of potential victims.

ESET’s recommendation is to ignore the above messages, delete them, and of course not pay the required amount. In the event of a blackmail message that uses a password that you use or previously used, and make sure that you replace it with all of your accounts, and replace it – the intention is not to replace it. One digit password but a completely new password.

Amir Carmi, Director of Technologies at the Information Security Company “ESET”He added: “In some cases, a true password is sent where the victim uses one or more of his or her accounts. This does not mean that they have been hacked, but that his login information has leaked in one of the many incidents that have been occurring more frequently in recent years. This only reinforces the need to use different passwords for Different accounts. I recommend using the software. “

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