Virus escaped without waiting for the result


He escaped from the hospital without waiting for the virus test result

In Austria, the woman awaiting test results in the hospital on suspicion of a corona virus escaped without telling anyone. Seven hours later, everyone in the home who is at home is likely to be infected.

WALL – While quarantine applications around the world are continuing against the new corona virus spreading from Wuhan, China, a woman in Austria escaped from the hospital without test results. Authorities are trying to identify people who may have been infected by the woman in her home during this process.

The incident occurred last night in Salzburg, Austria. Planned to be kept under observation until the results of the corona virus test at Salzburg University Clinic, the 31-year-old woman fled the hospital at 3:00 am. The woman found her home in Salzburg, about seven hours later.

The woman whose name was not announced was taken to the hospital again. While it was not known why the woman had escaped from the hospital, it was announced that she was currently kept under police surveillance and her statement was taken.

In the country where no corona virus cases have been found yet, the police are now investigating who the woman had been in physical contact with and infected with during the seven hours she spent outside the hospital. (EXTERNAL NEWS)

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