“VAR? I was against, I had changed my mind but I have some more doubts. The rules keep changing”


From the stage of the Coaches event ‘The football gurus in dialogue with intellectuals’, the Italian coach Roberto Mancini intervened on the VAR topic, which in the last football weekend raised public opinion after the response Commisso-Nedved and the consequent avalanche of opinions and statements triggered. “Maybe it has been talked about for ten years. I was against. I was against because I think the football game should be played and as the players make mistakes even the referees can make mistakes. Then when it was introduced I changed my mind a little, because different problems have been solved. After two years I have a few more doubts: the decisions are not always the same and the rules keep changing. It also becomes more difficult for the referees. We are a polemical people, especially as regards football. There is no bar where Mondays do not speak and there is no controversy about football. But I think this is the beauty of Italians: it will never change, VAR or not, it is part of our DNA “.

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