US eliminated al-Qaeda leader in Yemen – world news


The White House confirmed (Friday) that the U.S. military has in recent days eliminated Qassem al-Raimi, commander of al-Qaeda forces in the Arabian Peninsula.

According to the announcement, al-Raimi was eliminated in a campaign against terror in Yemen.

“Under Al-Raimi, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula was responsible for unscrupulous violence against civilians in Yemen, and attempted to carry out and encourage several attacks against the United States and against our forces,” the White House statement said.

“His death further weakened Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and the global movement, bringing us another step in eliminating the threats these organizations pose to national security,” the White House added.

The announcement did not specify when al-Raimi was liquidated, but reports of his death were published a week ago.

Al-Raimi had previously been offered a $ 10 million prize. Al-Raimi, 41, trained in the terrorist organization in Afghanistan in the 1990s. He then became commander of the organization in Yemen and led several terrorist attacks, headed by the US embassy in Sana’a.

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