US Defense Secretary Esper announces date that China will become a global military force


United States (US) Defense Minister Mark Esper struck the Chinese Communist party from place to place in his speech at the Munich Security Conference. Stating that China’s policies are based on manipulation, Esper said, “We recommend that our allies and partners start taking similar measures as they comprehensively assess the long-term threats and challenges posed by China.” said.

Esper continued his speech as follows:

To protect peace, we are implementing the United States’ National Defense Strategy through force. The Ministry of Defense is doing its part in this regard. We focused on deterring bad behavior, reassuring our friends and allies, and defending our global partners.

As an international community, we need to wake up to the challenges posed by manipulating China’s long-standing international rules order, which has benefited all of us for many years. In contrast, we have a sense of justice, a sense of justice and a culture of opportunity that promote disruption and bring out the best of human mind, spirit and innovation.

History has repeatedly proved that authoritarianism causes corruption, promotes harmony, promotes free thinking, and suppresses freedom.

The Chinese government plans to complete military modernization by 2035, trying to dominate as Asia’s leading global military force by 2049. On the other hand, the USA does not want to clash with China. In fact, we are looking for areas of cooperation when our interests are combined with the hope that they will choose the other path they did not pursue twenty years ago.

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