UniBo student arrested in Egypt – Ultima Ora


(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, FEBRUARY 8 – Patrick George Zaky, activist and
27-year-old Egyptian researcher enrolled in a master’s degree
of the University of Bologna, was arrested at the airport of
Cairo in the night between Thursday and Friday. Amnesty confirms it
International Italy. The boy, rights activist
LGBT people, he had returned to Egypt for a visit to his
family located in Mansoura.

“We expect a succession of 15 detention orders
days, renewable several times, and of course in this one
prolonged detention situation, with the excuse of leading
investigations, the risk is that the conditions of detention are
comparable to torture, if not torture itself, “he explains
at ANSA Riccardo Noury, spokesman for Amnesty International.

“We are concerned about our student and are following
carefully the story in contact with ministries
of Education and the Interior “, comments Mirko Degli Esposti,
vicar vice-rector of the University of Bologna.


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