‘Turkey-Russia tension not surprised’


Arab roundup: Turkey-Russia tension not surprise

Idlib was the most important agenda topic of the Arab world last week. The progress of the Syrian army with the support of Russia, Turkey’s continuing military targets İdlib’te shipment after receipt of force, mutual explanations between Russia and the lowering of the helicopter belonging to Syria and Turkey …

Turkey and Russia blame each other for the İdlib’te situation. Russia, Turkey to fulfill its responsibility of accused in Sochi, Russia, in Turkey are leading to the same charges.
So is it a surprise that two countries with different accounts in Syria now face off despite some consensus between them? According to some Arab columnists, this is an inevitable situation from the very beginning.

One of the questions most curious that at this point, in which Turkey and the size of Idlib tensions between Russia and the relationship of the degree of influence. While the parties made the message that “We do not have to think the same in every issue” and gave the message that bilateral relations are continuing, it was claimed in some Arab newspapers that Putin refused to meet Erdogan due to the progress in Idlib. To continue the progress of the Syrian army in the field and maintain tension to Turkey’s military shipment yükseltmişk, received explanations by the US also drew a lot of attention. US management “allies” located next to the description that Turkey “to open the first opportunity to evaluate the work between Turkey and Russia, the United States” were considered.


“Idlib province or ‘Kandahar’ of Syria continues to be the first agenda item in the media both in Syria and in the Arab world in the face of the progress of the Syrian army. It does not take an hour or half that you do not hear the news that a town, village or a hill of strategic importance is under control.

Idlib was the center of radical ideas in Syria. Many years before the start of the civil war, the Syrian administration carried out many operations against radical elements linked to al-Qaeda.

Idlib Turkey on the one hand in front of the door to other Syrian cities. Because Syria has connections with important cities such as Aleppo, Hama and Latakia. Thus it began creating a threat to Idlib from Turkey and from there launched missiles from terrorist attacks.

Since 2015, thousands of terrorists in Syria who have been rejecting national reconciliation with other states have been transferred to Idlib. Thus, Idlib became a powder keg ready to explode. ” (İbrahim Şeyr / El Meyadin)


“Observers are not surprised tensions between Turkey and Russia and agree that was expected. This is not related to Russia’s request for all Syrian lands to be under the regime’s control. On the contrary, it arises from the strategically different positioning of the two countries in the Syrian area.

The main problem of Russia, Turkey in general is not in the strategic position of the window, the window overlooks Syria. Russians remain İdlib’t to Turkey and north-west of Aleppo, allowing to gain ground he believes will provide its move away from the US and the West. However, the position of the decision-makers in Turkey in the Kremlin that makes it effective on three continents, it increases the options in Turkey’s situation and Turkey’s stand-alone ‘eastern’ or individual ‘western’ and did not perceive that need to be addressed. ” (Hüseyin Abdülaziz / El Arabi El Cedid newspaper)

‘Did he refuse to meet with Putin Erdogan?’

“Putin’s refusal to meet with his counterpart Erdogan, Erdogan and Russian military shipments from Turkey to Idlib in the last period of his showing their dissatisfaction against the attempt to force negotiations for a new agreement. The main title of the new consensus required a new cease-fire and withdrawal of the Syrian army last week, all of which were captured in Turkey’s Afrin, Jarabulus is guaranteeing that remain in areas such as El Babu.

Turkish and Russian delegations held talks fail between about İdlib’l in Ankara, capital of Turkey, means that Russia refused Turkey’s demands.
Representatives of the United States in NATO in the face of Russia-Syria alliance ‘allies’ explanation that they stood next to Turkey, not just simply trying to keep the fish in troubled waters. Although this description is not serious support, Putin is a challenge in terms of personality characteristics and Turkey financially and morally to the detriment, perhaps you can drag it into a war that caused the coup or a popular uprising. ” (Abdulbari Atvan / Rai Al Youm)


“Turkey in spite of soldiers exposed to two successive attacks, Turkey’s Idlib and to take control of more territory from Aleppo to give a limited response to the advancing Assad forces with air support Russia there are not many options in front of another. In Moscow, Turkey does not look like the manager seems to soften the face of his call to stop the war.
Syria and Libya, an adventure that moves from being stuck between Washington and Moscow in Turkey, it will be a success in shambles crisis does not have strong internal dynamics. Because the economy is not in a good condition, the society suffers from difficulties. (Bekir Sıtkı / Kuds El Arabi newspaper)


“It is very difficult to take Erdogan’s warnings about the withdrawal of Assad forces under Russian protection by the end of this month. Because the withdrawal of these forces from these areas, which are controlled periodically, means a defeat not only for Assad but also for Moscow and especially Putin’s person. We also know that stopping Putin in Syria requires the United States to change the rules of the game. Even if the trajectory does not reach a direct conflict, Ankara needs to guarantee support from both Washington and NATO.

Putin is not afraid to face the West in any situation in Syria. Because this is a remote possibility. Putin’s main feared, to support and increase the power of the West to Turkey Turkey’s support is to curb the power of Russia. If Turkey receives this support, Putin’s upcoming process to seize the rest of Idlib that plans are disrupted. This means that Moscow’s long-term plans are hit hard. ” (Omar Kaddur / Lebanese El Modon internet newspaper)

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