Turkey has sent a convoy loaded ammunition Idlib


Settlement Center Party in Russia, Syria, Turkey’s military vehicles from Idlib and munition sent a convoy of several kilometers in length consisting of trucks that, he said.

According to the Sputnik news, press conference of the Party in Syria Settlement Center official Russian Rear Admiral Oleg Juravlev, noting that the Idlib in the north of highways open to traffic as usual in recent weeks, in this case Turkey’s Idlib military vehicles from and munition He said that he had the opportunity to send a convoy of kilometers in length.


Juravlev, “Idlib in the east of the terrorists and the Syrian government because of clashes between the forces of Syria-Turkey wanting to go to the border face does not reflect the reality of thousands of refugees that information. Confirming announced that it will go to the limits of refugees around one million in Idlib voltage to reduce any photos, videos or any other There is no document, “he said.

Juravlev, from Turkey to Idlib voltage reduction of asylum seekers has called for providing a safe way out.

“Terrorists use civilians as shields and prevent them from exiting through humanitarian corridors leading to crossing points in Aleppo, Idlib and Hama,” Juravlev said, “he urges them to take all necessary measures to ensure that they pass voluntarily and safely from the transition points to the government-controlled areas,” he added.

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