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The grenade technician: “The words are zero, against Samp will need a great performance”

by our correspondent Mario Pagliara

It requires mentality, presses on intensity, recalls the idea of ​​Taurus who has to mark matches on fire. But in the meantime there is a detail, which is not so much detail, because the countdown of destiny is now running out. And tomorrow, at 18, “Mr Futuro” Moreno Longo will debut on the bench of Turin in Serie A at the Olimpico against Sampdoria. “And I can’t hide that they were really very special days for everyone, for me, for the players and for the whole environment – comments Longo in his first meeting with the reporters on the eve of a Serie A match -. It was very exciting on Wednesday when my father and mother attended my first training session in Philadelphia, with the doors open, and perhaps only then did I really realize what was happening. The enthusiasm that is around us has been perceived, but we must not lose our clarity to understand that tomorrow we go on the pitch and our goal must be to offer a performance worthy of this enthusiasm “.

Now it’s up to us

So here is the debut. In one breath, in these 24 hours that Longo is experiencing all of a breath, as he has always done since Tuesday, on his first day in the grenade. “Now it’s our turn”, he repeats several times and seems to be the title at the end of a week of strong vibrations. “Samp must be respected, but my Taurus must start playing trying to immediately give his mark to the match. In this area, I expect a mentality and a Bull who tries to play the game to propose an idea that will be tried to pursue over time “. And then we return to the environmental discourse, to that spark that has rekindled between the team and its fans in recent days. “I have never had any doubts about the Toro fans: tomorrow I expect a lot of heat around us, there will certainly be a big glance. And when we leave the changing room we will notice what has happened and the responsibility we have. ”

4 days later …

He started working with this Taurus for four days: a starter, of course, but the sensations help to start with a good mood. “Of course we had a few days to give a complete evaluation, but I think I have feelings that confirm that we can work very well on this team. I had a lot of availability from every player, they all worked with enthusiasm. I saw in the faces of the players the desire to reverse this trend. Then the words are zero, the smiles are zero: I like to work with a smile, but to maintain it, you need performance. So we have to be very good at hitting a high level tomorrow. ”

What Taurus will it be?

It will not upset the Bull, “we certainly start with the defense at 3”, but something will start to change a little at a time. Already from tomorrow, as in the offensive trident that will pass from the formula of the double attacking midfielder to that of the pure trident with wide strikers on the outside (Verdi and Berenguer) at the service of Belotti. “When I hear about offensive football, of recovering the ball high, building from below is a positive symphony for my ears. But when you find yourself a team in the running, you have to try to understand what that team wants to do. A wrong proposal on an unsuitable group can lead to incorrect solutions – underlines Longo -. So in these days I have introduced a few concepts, then in the next few days we will develop our way of doing football and I hope to be able to do it as quickly as possible “.

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