Trabzonspor President: An embarrassing situation for our country


Trabzonspor President Ahmet Ağaoğlu spoke to TRT Spor after the match they beat BB Erzurumspor 5-0.

Trabzonspor President: An embarrassing situation for our country

Evaluating the match, Ağaoğlu said, “It was a stress free game. We had a good game with the fans.

The score came early, and the match was broken early. Whatever the conditions, it was a rival to be taken seriously, a team that came out of Beşiktaş by eliminating. We achieved an advantageous score for the rematch. ”


Speaking for the racist attacks on Mikel, the president said, “It is a shameful situation for our country. It is a shame that we have been left behind for 100 years, with racism discourses that are considered as human crimes today.

He said that Emre had insulted him when there was tension in the match, but he did not make a racist statement, it was normal to have such a thing on the field with the stress of the match, and nothing happened when he left the field. Emre’s affair has nothing to do with racism. The attacks were made on social media, our club also detected and filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutor’s office. Whoever has the same reaction, was not nice. It was not nice to sit on the world agenda in this way. These people are playing football in our country, they are wearing our teams’ jerseys, guests in our country. We came to a good point as a country image, I hope that we can handle this in the best way. ”


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