Top 14: Agen loses the match of fear and finds himself last


The essential

Unable to get a single point away from the start of the season, Castres Olympique won with the offensive bonus in the match of fear in Agen (24–43), this Sunday during the 15th day of Top 14 at the Armandie stadium. The Tarnais thus offer themselves a big breath of fresh air in the race for maintenance and goes up to 10th place. With this fifth home defeat of the season, the Agen people find themselves in last place.

The game

Despite ideal playing conditions, this “fear match” was for a long time a game of table tennis to the foot to occupy the field and push the opponent to fault. The goal scorers were therefore responsible for feeding the scoreboard, Lagarde responding to Dumora (6–6, 25th). Until then, this clash of candidates for retention was closed by double turns like the Rochassons chairlift on a stormy day in Châtel.

But the people of Castres then succeeded in breaking the lock of Agen three times in less than a quarter of an hour to turn at the break with the offensive bonus then virtually in pocket (6–23). Three tests from three SUA errors. After a forward from Zafra on a dismissal, Jelonch first took advantage of David’s hard work on the scrum to follow to slip between the posts (27th). Then Armandie Nakosi’s former darling escaped Lamoulie along the sidelines (33 ‘). And on the siren, Laveau (tenured at the last moment after the package of Palis, sick), escaped three tackles to give 17 points ahead of the CO (40th + 1).

By changing its hinge at the break with the entry of Verdu and Berdeu, the SUA also put its game in order and put its head in place. As a result, the Agen people returned to the game before the hour with two tries from Berdeu (54) and Lamoulie (60). With a new penalty from Berdeu (66th), Agen was in the nails of the defensive bonus less than a quarter of an hour from the siren (21–26).

After a penalty on each side (24–29), the Tarnais – yet outnumbered (yellow card at Gerondeau, 71st) – finally deprived them of it with a penalty try awarded by M. Cardona following a penalty kick and a ball carried (24–36, 78th). The Castres even pocketed the offensive bonus just before the siren with Laveau’s double (24–43, 80th). The Agenais will have paid a high price for the two halves of the half.

The player

Leo Berdeu. 40 mins for the duo Abadie-Lagarde, 40 mins for Verdu-Berdeu. The change of hinge at the break was intended to awaken an animation at half mast. Opening half Léo Berdeu made his boot and his legs speak, registering the first SUA test at the 54th and converting the test offered to Mathieu Lamoulie.

The fact of the match

Volleyball. After JJ Taulagi for Sadie against Bayonne, the SUA scored a second try in two days after a volley pass. This time, it’s Léo Berdeu who shifts Mathieu Lamoulie to his corner test (60th, 18–26).

The number

5 Points. This is the first time this season that Castres has brought back points from a trip, offensive bonus as a bonus. With five tries, Castres managed to defeat the 7th best defense in the Top 14 before kick-off.

Laussucq: “The roller coaster”

Christophe Laussucq (manager of SU Agen) : “We always have this feeling of doing a little roller coaster. The start is correct against the wind with good things and one or two occasions. But there are also some approximate things with one or two fallen balloons. We are 6–6, we feel like we are in the game, and then we collapse completely taking three tries with disconcerting ease. We go back to 5 points and then we fall back into our crosses with far too many approximations. We do the hardest, we feel them a little disoriented, and we have the feeling that we are giving them the match. We are 14th again, but there is no choice, we will have to bounce again. ”

Mauricio Reggiardo (manager of Castres) : “This victory is the result of our state of mind today. To play the maintenance, you have to have character, but you must not play small arm and be able to master this pressure that you can have on matches with huge stakes. We have rediscovered the image of Castres in the past outside: a very hard-to-play team. This group was champion of France not so long ago (2018). He is experienced, a group of men who show great character whenever the situation is complicated. We knew we were going to play a euphoric and envious Agen, we showed wisdom and mastery. I’m proud of the state of mind of my players, even though Agen put us in trouble for twenty minutes. “

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