TMW – Iachini: “Why are similar episodes judged differently?”


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TMW - Iachini:

There is sorrow, bitterness because so many fans have joined us. We prepared the game against Juventus in three days after the Italian Cup and we wanted to make a great game. And I must say that, for what was the game, the boys were succeeding. In the first half Juve never shot on goal and the one who came closest to the advantage was Fiorentina. We had been closer to putting a great team in difficulty than vice versa. Then these two episodes changed the course of the race: there is regret, but today the company and the president have expressed themselves. We have to think about the field, we are already looking forward to the next game. We must have the right mentality, the team is following the work in the best way and the results are seen. We look forward, society will think of other things. “Words and thoughts of Giuseppe Iachini, coach of the Fiorentina who on the sidelines of the award for the Golden Bench analyzed the knockout against Juventus and beyond.

Do you agree with its president?
“How can I not be? Commisso does not refer only to this episode. Unfortunately in football they happen but there is regret because some identical situations are evaluated differently. We stay focused and turn the page quickly, I will tell the boys to think about the field to avoid creating us alibis that are not needed. The competent bodies and society will do the rest … “.

Is there a risk of a psychological kickback?
“No, there is no such risk. We turn the page and we carry the excellent performance provided. Who was there did not regret who was not there, the boys played with personality and mentality. Up to the end we tried to respond blow for blow, there is regret because when you work a lot and then there are episodes of this type there is great bitterness. We bring home the positive things, those that must bring us strength and awareness. The team is growing but we have still further growth margins “.

With Inter and Juventus you played at par.
“Yes, the team is growing. We give very little and the boys are following me. During the possession phase we have to make a few less mistakes, we have to be cleaner. Of course, we have 20 or 21 year olds and we can still grow.”

What match do you expect against Atalanta?
“Gasperini and Atalanta are no longer a surprise. It is a competitive and quality team, with the right attitude. Two weeks ago it won 7-0 in Turin. It is a complicated, difficult match when you face these teams. you have to be perfect. ”

Will we see Duncan on the field on Saturday? What do you think of the debut of Igor and Agudelo?
“For Duncan he will have to talk to the medical staff. Igor made an excellent debut, he is a left foot defender who can play in the three-way defense and also from outside. After only two days of work he did this game and will give us a hand We only saw Agudelo one day, we will have time to grow it and put it in the group. ”

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