Tips Fantasy Mantra, who to deploy for the 24th day


Like every weekend, the appointment returns with our usual advice on which players to line up for the next match day Fantasy Football. Again we dedicate an exclusive space to Mantra with our specific advice. But first the usual premise on the form used.


There are so many modules of Mantra and training for each module would be exhausting and infinite work, as well as perhaps boring for you in a hurry. Consequently we will take only one basic module: the 4-2-3-1. This does not mean that you have to use this module by force, but we use this simply because it embraces every role of this game leaving only the E. Out. With the 4-2-3-1 we can afford to give you advice therefore on T, W, A , Pc, M, C and whoever has the most, according to the matches they have and the shape of the players. Then the rest is up to you, we give you the input but the moment of formation is sacred and only you in the end know what is better.


As always, we tried not to be too obvious, including some small surprises within our training, and this time also outside of it.

POR – SKORUPSKI: He always showed off with great saves, and with Genoa he could confirm his level. This time, however, also leaving his door untouched, so we recommend it.

DD – LIROLA: The full-band exterior of Iachini is in a good moment, why not take advantage of it? With Sampdoria he could have the necessary space to hurt, with the possibility of placing some bonuses.

DC – MANCINI: He returns to the role of median, where he has often shown that he is comfortable. He does it against those who launched it, in a complicated and very delicate game. However, we are betting on him, especially for the final vote.

DC – ROMAGNOLI: It does not come from a great period and is essentially one of the bets of this formation. Despite being a high-sounding name, a great test on its part is not to be taken for granted. However, we expect the captain’s reaction.

DS – DARMIAN: A ductile element like him always goes well in a rose. Able to play both the role of Ds, that of Dd and E: therefore impossible to keep him out on this day. In Reggio Emilia it will do well.

M – AMRABAT: A very good average score nominates him as the day’s median, following a very positive streak so far. With Udinese he will manage to get by, and also eye to the possible first bonus of the season.

C – BENTANCUR: It is the most fit element of the Juventus midfield in this period. With Brescia you need his play, and maybe even a goal that will unlock him permanently.

W – ORSOLINI: The moment of form he is going through is really crazy. He may not even score, as he is doing it every week, but it is impossible to keep out. A constant danger arises from his feet, so enjoy it.

T – SAPONARA: It is the emblem of the Lecce rebirth. In Naples and with Turin he illuminated the scene, with Spal he can’t go wrong. The time has come to record directly, perhaps with a nice +3.

A – REBIC: The speech is similar to that made for Orsolini, in this case, however, an opponent is not taken into account, not really in top form. A defense in disarray like that grenade could favor his very dangerous insertions.

PC – VLAHOVIC: It should finally have a chance from the first minute, to the detriment of Cutrone, and therefore it is time to insert it. With Sampdoria he could do well, even in the event of a missed goal, attention to some good play that may arise from his feet.

Mantra, chapter E: 24th day

In 4-2-3-1 the E is not there, but we understand that it is probably not right to ignore in this way a role at times fundamental in this game. Who uses the defense to 3 in fact must enter 1 or even 2 E, and for this reason we will give you only one name each time, in this role, on which we think it is appropriate to bet.

STREFEZZA: The E recommended by us for the 24th day is Strefezza. The Spal jewel has often been put on display for his offensive qualities, and with the arrival of Di Biagio he will be able to implement them in the new Este trident. No defensive task for him, only to score and hurt the opposing defenses. With Lecce he could do it, so deploy him.

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