Tips Fantasy football, 5 midfielders to deploy in the 24th day


Not just the attackers, even midfielders can play a primary and decisive role in your fantasy. Unexpected bonuses, decisive assists and much more: Fantasy football is often won by purchasing top players in midfield who are able to reach the numbers of a mid-range striker (see Ilicic Last year).

Calhanoglu – One of AC Milan’s most fit men. Even in the Italian Cup he played a good game against Juventus, the coaches will wait for the last bonus of the day in the postponement between the Rossoneri and Turin. What can one get from the Turkish?

BORINI – He wants to give continuity to the +3 given against Juventus. Hardly the coaches have deployed him in the past weekend, seeing the opponent. Against Udinese a more “affordable” challenge, Juric could field him once again in attack.

KULUSEVSKI – We know that his presence as a starter against Sassuolo is in doubt, but the Parma midfielder must be deployed because, if he were to start as a starter, he could find the bonus at any moment. The full-backs of the neroverdi could be in difficulty.

ERIKSEN – An incredible crossbar hit against Milan, which could be the prelude to his first +3 in Serie A? Schieratelo!

CHURCH – Sampdoria in the last few days has lost some solidity in defense, 10 goals conceded in the last four days. The purple player will put Colley and Tonelli in crisis with his speed.

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