Those “Quick, send it on the outside, give it to him first, don’t let him run, score goals” by Longo are a real symphony


To the Philadelphia this morning in the sunny and crisp air the suggestions and also the orders that sounded crystal clear Moreno Longo imparted to his players during training. A real symphony those “Come on”, “Right”, “Left”, “Don’t stop”, “Quick”, “Send it out”, “Give it to him first”, “Goal”, “Don’t spin “because the coach wants the ball to move fast on the green lawn and to do this the players must run and still run while staying focused and lucid. Only in this way, in fact, can Turin get out of the abyss in which it has collapsed in recent weeks. Of course the physical shape of the grenade is not at the top, but you have to run the same, maybe managing to manage the breath that everyone has available and certainly the work that takes place during the week helps in this regard.

Longo’s voice that echoed this morning at the Fila was firm, resolute, determined also peremptory, but not nervous because there is no use getting angry, indeed, in this situation it can even be deleterious and the coach knows it, in fact, has not skimped on the “Bravo” whenever a player did well. He is young Moreno, he will turn 44 tomorrow so sincere and best wishes, but he knows what he is doing and has promised his people, the fans of the Bull “We will make it” and, therefore, Turin must do it. He certainly puts the maximum effort into it and also the players, someone perhaps a little in a less intense way, but overall everyone has been busy doing what the coach asked for. Fortunately, the infirmary emptied even if Millico left the field prematurely due to a trauma to the pelvis suffered during a game match during the final match, however, it did not seem like a serious injury and it can be hoped that it is only one a bit painful, but nothing more. Any begging is lawful, so for Monday night’s fanatic at Meazza with Milan everyone should be available.

And there will be a need for everyone, both those who will take the field from the beginning or the game in progress and those who will remain on the bench, because the sequence of lost matches must be absolutely interrupted, plus AC Milan will certainly be more tired than Torino as tonight will take the field in the first leg of the Italian Cup with Juventus and comes from the derby lost in the championship. Turin must take advantage of this small advantage because the safety margin from the red zone of the ranking is there and it is eight points that not only is good to keep, but that is better to increase.



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