They witnessed for the first time! They were surprised what to do


The incident occurred in Inegol district, Kurşunlu District. The herd of pigs raided in the neighborhood where 5 thousand people live about 20 kilometers from Inegol.

Citizens who could not understand what was happening while running left and right, those moments were viewed by a person on a cell phone.


A pig rushed away and walked away from the neighborhood. In another image, it was seen that the herd pigs entered a market in the same neighborhood. The citizens who bought a broom in their hands tried to get the pigs out of the market and it was reflected in the cameras.

Some of the herd rushing to the dead end and stuck between the two houses. Pigs that were tied to the foot by firefighters and citizens were removed. Some of the pigs were also neutralized by citizens. Later, the herd disappeared.

We are witnesses for the first time

Okan Kural, the market owner, said, “When we were inside, there was a swarm of pigs. They remained inside for about 5 minutes. A citizen chased the herds of pigs out by chasing them with a stick. This is the first time we have witnessed such an event. There was a panic around. They plundered my market. ” IHA

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