The Supreme Court will not oppose the appointment of the state’s attorney, but has strongly criticized Ohana


Amir Ohana Avichai Mandelblit (Photo: Alex Kolomoisky, Yair Sagi)

Amir Ohana and Mendelblit’s Abhi(Photo: Alex Kolomoisky, Yair Sagi)

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit
He announced Wednesday that he would not oppose the appointment of attorney Dan Eldad
Deputy State Attorney. “A situation in which the appointment of the Deputy Attorney General becomes a scene of conflict – is not desirable. It can impair the work of the prosecutor’s office and public trust, and thus must be maintained,” Mandelblit wrote.

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“At this time, we are all required to combine forces as a single person and focus on the many challenges facing the Israeli law and justice systems, for the citizens of the state and the public interest,” he added. “Out of a sense of responsibility for these important interests, and in my role as head of the law enforcement system, I decided – not without hesitation – that in the current situation, the public interest in preventing further injury to the State Attorney’s Office requires that, despite all this, I will not oppose my appointment of Attorney Eldad for this position. ”

Contrary to the Mandelblit position: Ohana appoints Dan Eldad as Deputy State Attorney

However, the Court noted that there is indeed a legal impediment to the appointment. “The deviation from the Attorney General’s position on a matter without convincing reasoning, not least without reasoning at all, rises to a legal impediment regarding the appointment.” Election Mendelblit held that Eldad’s appointment deviated from the binding legal norms and raised serious concerns about public confidence in the prosecution’s independence.

Aw“The appointment deviates from the legal norms.” Adv. Dan Eldad (Photo: Ministry of Justice spokeswomen)

Nurit Litman, Orit Qotb, Zion Illouz, Liat Ben Ari, Shlomo Lambberger (Photo: Yair Sagi, Meir Ohayon, Herzl Yosef, Ministry of Justice website)

Candidates of the Mandelblit District Court(Photo: Yair Sagi, Meir Ohayon, Herzl Yosef, Ministry of Justice website)

Last Sunday, Ohana announced that he was appointing Attorney General Dan Eldad, Deputy Director of the State Attorney’s Office, to the Deputy State Attorney. In his message, “I congratulate Attorney Dan Eldad and wish him well. The many experience and knowledge, along with the traits Him, led me to conclude that he is the right person to lead the prosecution at this time. ”

Ohana also said of his election: “After a long period of interviewing many candidates, I seriously considered their suitability and consulted with Civil Service Commissioner Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz, and to the extent required by law with Attorney General Dr. Abihai Mandelblit – I concluded that the appropriate attorney The State Attorney’s Office at this time is the Director of the Economic Department, Adv. Dan Eldad. I hope that the appointment will contribute to the process of strengthening public confidence in law enforcement systems. ”

After the announcement of the appointment, the Court warned Ohana that there would be legal impediment to the appointment. Because “Section 23A of the Appointment Law states that the Minister shall appoint a member of the civil servants, and therefore other names that have been presented to the Minister are out of the question.”

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