The start of the experimental pumping in the joint Kuwaiti Al-Wafra field


Kuwait / Anatolia

On Sunday, Kuwaiti Oil Minister Khalid Al-Fadil announced the start of experimental pumping in Al-Wafra joint field with Saudi Arabia, after a 5-year closure.

In a press statement he made on the sidelines of the launch ceremony of the new emblem of the Ministry of Oil, al-Fadil expected “the return of production in the Wafra field to its previous level (up to 140 thousand barrels per day) before the end of this year.”

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait succeeded in reaching an agreement last December regarding the resumption of oil production for the divided border region last December.

And the Kuwaiti minister added: “We expect before the end of 2020, that production has reached its previous level by about 140 thousand barrels per day in the Wafra field, and 250 thousand barrels per day in the other Khafji field in the divided region.”

And about the start of production of Al Khafji, Al-Fadil said, “Last December 24, the 60-day countdown began to start.”

And last week, the US multinational Chevron said it was preparing to resume production from the “Wafra” oil field, located between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

The two countries, members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, closed the Khafji field in October 2014, for environmental reasons, followed by the closure of the “abundance” in May 2015, with operational obstacles.

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