The secret of the three missing high schoolers revealed


In Isparta, Gül Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School 1st year student Tuana Yıldız and her schoolmates Gülizar Soy and Buse Aydoğan disappeared on Thursday, February 20th.

When the families could not reach their daughters, they applied to the police for missing. Despite all calls made for 5 days, no news was received from Tuana, Gülizar and Buse.

The mothers of the missing girls were the guests of the program broadcast on the national television channel this morning. Mothers talked about their daughter’s WhatsApp conversations in the program.

The speeches that the girls made plans to escape were read in the program. In the speeches, it was revealed that the girls made speeches such as “They are far away”, “The way to Izmir and where we should go there”, “I am afraid, but I am determined”, “Let’s save money”, “We beg”.


On the other hand, it was determined that 3 high school girls went to Denizli. (DHA)

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