The reaction from the CHP to the decision to give a circle against the debts of the Esenler Municipality of AKP: ‘They could not finish the sata sata’


Ömür Istanbul, which was built as an urban transformation project on a 10 thousand square meter plot in Esenler Turgut Reis District, is located in the middle of the two major transportation axes of Istanbul, E-5 and TEM highways. The project was carried out in partnership with Esenler Municipality’s company ESKON AŞ and Efitaş İnşaat. The project includes apartments owned by ESKON AŞ.


The proposal regarding the apartments in this project, which came to the agenda of the district council of the Esenler Municipality, created a discussion. In the proposal, “the purchase of 20 flats owned by ESKON AŞ in order to be used in the field of urban transformation, to be deducted from the related institutions (to deduct from its debt) and to transfer over SSI premium debts or tax debts” was requested. CHP parliamentary member Kemal Şahin objected to the proposal and said, “In this project, you canceled the zoning roads and part of the parking area. You have increased the construction area to 31,500 square meters. When we look at the construction license today, it is seen that it has increased to 55 thousand square meters including the non-peer areas. ” Sahin, in a nutshell, said: “By saying that you will use it for urban transformation purposes, you have provided 55 thousand square meters of construction to 17,500 square meters of construction area by mentioning the public interest. At the point we have reached, you are saying that we will deduct the apartments you bought from ESKON with the relevant institutions in return for our SGK premium debts. In spite of our new SGK premium debt, you have been authorized to transfer the real estate in Oruç Reis Mahallesi, which is the training area. Our fear is that you will finish Sata Sata Esenler. ”

The proposal was accepted by the votes of the members of the AKP, despite the “rejection” of the CHP members.

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