The Pope’s journalist friend speculates, if he ever resigns, he will not wear white but black


Vatican City – One of the journalists friends of Pope Francis, linked to him by a very ancient relationship dating back to the time of Buenos Aires, in a beautiful diary that traces their long friendship, wonders how Bergoglio’s pontificate will end? The question is not really secondary, given the precedent of Ratzinger who, with his resignation, opened the door in the future to the other popes, making them free to leave if they no longer feel able to bear the weight of the government of the Church. Lucio Brunelli, former director of tv2000, author of “Pope Francis as I knew him”, published by the Edizioni San Paolo, wonders without fear if Bergoglio will also follow in the footsteps of Benedict XVI if his forces will drop dramatically.

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Even if the issue of resignation – the author said – has never been directly addressed with the interested party during the many interviews and meetings they have had, it cannot be ignored. Brunelli, however, lets himself go to some personal impressions, recalling a couple of sentences that Bergoglio told the press the first days of the election, namely that in his opinion his pontificate will last a short time, “two or three years and then .. to the Father’s house ». On another occasion he repeated the same hypothesis but with a longer time range, “four or five years”. Adding: «I have the feeling that the Lord put me here for a short thing. This is why I always leave the possibility open ».

Brunelli notes, however, that soon we are entering the seventh year of my pontificate and the pontiff is in good health despite his age and an enviable energy. However «it cannot be excluded that in the future» he renounces the pontificate. Brunelli collects the hypothesis of some Argentine friend who thinks that the journey home could be the last and never return to Rome. “Legends, fantasies” commented the Pope to the author of the book.

Yet one thing seems almost obvious, that if in the future health ever forces him to make important decisions, he will not wear the white suit. Brunelli is convinced of this despite never having had a discussion on the specific topic with him. “I always thought then that he would prefer the title of emeritus bishop of Rome to that of emeritus pontiff.” A small indication Brunelli is convinced that he caught it from the speech made on the day of his election, when from the Loggia delle Benedizioni, he asked the crowd to pray for Ratzinger during those cloistered days in Castel Gandolfo. He called him bishop emeritus. Perhaps a less cumbersome title for the Pope who will come after him, the future successor of the apostle Peter.


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