The Israeli company Autotox has won the project of an international manufacturer operating in China


Autotox, which specializes in vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and smart-road infrastructure (V2X) communications solutions, announced that its chipset has been selected for a serial production program for new inter-vehicle car modelsGreat national. The winnings are in car models made in China, and the chips are the standard of communication adopted by the Chinese government, C-V2X, and based on fifth-generation (5G) networks.

Autotox will take part in one of the first projects in the Chinese market of an extensive C-V2X deployment, which is also the first major C-V2X project by Autotox. The system deployed will be built by a leading Tier1 automotive supplier and will include a Telematics Control Unit (TCU) with C-V2X communication based on the Autotox chipset.

The Autotox chipset was selected for the project after rigorous testing that confirmed the leading radio communication performance and enhanced security level of the company’s C-V2X solution, as well as the thermal resistance of its leading chipset and transmission capabilities. The serial-ready Autotox C-V2X solution meets all Chinese requirements in terms of performance, configuration, throughput, and information security. The solution is now ready for deployment in China as well as in other markets.

In the automotive industry, it is estimated that Autotox already has at least strategic wins in manufacturing programs by leading Western car manufacturers, both of the world’s five largest manufacturers, but the winnings so far have focused on chips operating in different and competing communications technology, based on WI-FI communications. In the world, there is an ongoing controversy between regulators and IT and communications companies about the future communications standard for vehicle communications, but so far no decision has been taken on what is hindering market development.

Established in 2008 in the village of Netar, Autotox has raised $ 90 million in four rounds so far, while the international car maker Hyundai has also participated in the latest round.

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