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Michael Bloomberg, February 13, in Houston, Texas.
Michael Bloomberg, February 13, in Houston, Texas. MARK FELIX / AFP

While the Iowa caucus, the first leg of the Democratic nomination contest for the presidential election of November 3, was held on February 3, “Le Monde” launches its campaign logbook. A daily update, first of all five days a week until September, with campaign facts, political advertisements, polls, maps and figures that allow us to follow and experience the most important electoral competition in the world.

If the billionaire Michael Bloomberg was banking on a blast in the Democratic presidential nomination contest in November to avoid answering questions raised by some of his past positions, he has partly failed.

After the resurgence of his facies control policy during his terms as mayor of New York, grievances continue to accumulate. The New york times said on Sunday, February 16, how Michael Blomberg’s generosity encouraged the organizations he massively subsidized to avoid criticizing him. The Washington Post has also returned to the accusations of sexist remarks lent in the past to the billionaire, and partly recognized by those around him.

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The 400 million dollars (370 million euros) already sunk in his campaign made him emerge as a potential winner, even if he will not appear on the ballots before Super Tuesday on March 3.

Journalists from the press agency that bears his name, who hoped that this candidacy would last a long time, are now witnessing the phenomenon with embarrassment. Internal discussions, according to the New york times, are trying to measure the consequences for a press organization threatened by an accusation of conflict of interest.

In December 2019, agency director John Micklethwait promised in a note to staff that journalists could “Write about virtually every aspect of this presidential competition, as we have done so far.” But he added that no journalistic investigation would target Michael Bloomberg, and that his rivals would also be spared.

Meanwhile, they continue to denounce the inequality caused by the use of a fortune of $ 60 billion. “He thinks he can buy this election”said Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders about the former mayor of New York at a rally on Sunday in Carson City, Nevada. “Well, I have news for Mr. Bloomberg, the American people are fed up with billionaires buying elections! “ he claimed.

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