The famous restaurant chain Lunch Box went bankrupt


The court decided for bankruptcy of the company due to negative reports about the Lunch Box in the concordat process, which has 11 branches in Istanbul, Tekirdağ and Kayseri.

According to the news of Ali Yılmaz from Diken; Concordat was requested last year for Lunch Box, which has branches in malls such as Mall Of Istanbul, Metro City, CapaCity and Forum Istanbul in Istanbul. The court issued a precautionary order against companies after the application. With the aforementioned decision, the companies were protected against creditors.


While the trial continued, things could not be recovered in the company. Along with the negative reports received, the court decided that Şef Gıda Restoran İşletmeleri San. ve Turizm ve Dış Ticaret Limited Şti. and World Cuisine Food Industry Trade Limited Co.’s concordat extension request was rejected.


With the decision, the task of the concordat commissioner committee has ended. Following the Bakırköy 3 rd Commercial Court of First Instance on January 30, the liquidation process for both companies started.

Lunch Box, owned by Erkan Şahintürk, was one of the known brands of the food and beverage industry. The brand has 11 branches in various shopping malls. The brand has been serving since 2001. 350 people work within the Lunch Box.

Lunch Box also has restaurants in malls such as Mall of Istanbul, Metrocity, Marmara Park, Beylikdüzü Migros, Forum Istanbul, 212 Istanbul and Capacity in Istanbul.

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