The cowards threats to Eugenio Scalfari and to Repubblica: the solidarity of the Espresso


The cowards threats to Eugenio Scalfari and to Repubblica: the solidarity of the Espresso

Nothing against being. With these words Eugenio Scalfari summarized on Repubblica what is happening in these days around us. In our rooms, among the men and women of the security in the concierge we pass every morning, among the postal service workers who deliver books and documents, in the building where we work, meeting at the bar, exchanging some opinions on the elevator, sharing the effort everyday to give meaning and a story to that chaotic and formless matter that is reality. Our job, our job.For weeks, our colleagues from the Republic and the director Carlo Verdelli have been under fire. Anonymous letters, threats, insults, suspicious packages, bomb alarms. A cowardly and dark action that did not spare even Scalfari. We were all together two weeks ago, when at six in the afternoon the bombers raided and ordered us to evacuate immediately. We at Espresso were close to the closing time of the issue on newsstands on Sunday 19 January. We left the desks invaded by papers, the cover tests, the computers turned on, the visible signs of the tension that precedes the last minutes before the green light to the typography, the most delicate moment, the departure of something you imagined and that from that moment it will no longer be yours, it will reach readers, it will belong to them.

We found ourselves in the middle of the street, the journalists from Repubblica, Espresso, Stampa, Radio Capital, the polygraphs, the workers who run a large publishing group like ours. Each with its specific features and with the thread of a common history that is more resistant than anything else. A family, and patience if someone plays rhetoric with his founding father.
                                                                      It was Eugenio Scalfari’s turn today to remember our DNA
                                                                      : “I don’t know who the authors of the threats are, but I know who we are.” Independence which should not be confused with neutrality. Take a position and defend it, without fear. Our identity. Our journalism. This is why the Espresso editorial team is at the side of Carlo Verdelli and his colleagues from Repubblica. To continue, every day, this difficult and necessary undertaking: to bet on being against nothing.

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