The biggest in the world … The final version of the giant project was viewed from the air


The feet of the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, which is under construction between the Şekerkaya location of the Lapseki district of Çanakkale and the Sütlüce location of Gelibolu, the foundation of which was laid by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on March 18, 2017, continues to rise day by day. The final status of 56.3 percent of the construction of the red and white feet representing the colors of the Turkish Flag of the bridge was viewed from the air. In Sütlüce and Şekerkaya construction sites, the tower blocks that are brought to the bridge legs with the help of a crane continue to be placed on top of each other. With the placement of the blocks in the sea, the feet of the bridge rose and red and white colors symbolizing the Turkish flag became evident. The manufacturing of decks where viaducts will be placed continues. Dispatches of the decks will be carried out by pushing-rubbing method.

Within the scope of the Kınalı-Tekirdağ-Çanakkale-Balıkesir Motorway works, the image of the route started to become clear in the 83.4 km section between Malkara intersection and Umurbey town. In the project, the construction of 83 undergrounds and 11 underpasses has been completed so far. Construction works of 11 underpasses, 17 overpasses, 4 bridges, 31 box culverts, 4 junctions, 3 highway service facilities and 1 reinforced concrete viaduct within the highway continue without slowing down. The part of the highway project, from Kınalı to Gallipoli, appears to have been fully revealed in aerial images. The culverts of the route on the highway continue to be built. In some parts, it performs asphalt pouring of the highway. Construction of the viaducts on the highway route is also continuing rapidly.

class = ‘cf’>In the project, besides 76 personnel affiliated to the General Directorate of Highways, a total of 649 engineers, 4,77 personnel and 895 construction machines, with a total of 649 engineers, 153 of which are in the consultancy organization, 4 thousand 538, and 895 construction machines are working 24-hour shift.

“We expect four to be done”

Nail Uğurlu, who is a truck driver, said, “We look forward to the construction of the bridge and the highway. I carry fish, when the weather is bad, the ferry doesn’t work. This time, we have to go through Bursa, our road is getting longer. The construction of the bridge will be a benefactor for us. The amount of usage of our fuel increases when we go through Bursa. Every citizen especially wants to build the bridge and highway, especially buses and truckers. ”


Expressing that the project is a great convenience for citizens, Hızır İslamoğlu said, “We want the project to be completed as soon as possible. With the shortening of the road and the low fuel of the vehicles, it is useful to make it in every aspect. Ferries are canceled when the weather is bad, but not when the bridge is built. We go to Çanakkale via Thrace. We use the Tekirdağ, Malkara, Gallipoli Çanakkale route. You will not use the ferry, you will cross the bridge, a great benefactor. We are waiting for the nation to benefit the nation as soon as possible. ” The towers and connections of the bridge will be painted in red and white, the colors of the Turkish flag. It will be designed to represent the cannonball that Seyit Onbaşı dropped into the barrel at the top of the 333 meter high towers on both sides. With its middle span of 2023 meters, 770 meters of side openings, 365 and 680 meters of approach viaducts, the total length of the first suspension bridge of the Dardanelles is planned to be 4,608 meters. The bridge, which will serve with “2×3” lane, will be 45.06 meters wide and 3.5 meters high. There will be walkways on both sides of the deck that will be used for maintenance and repair. It is planned to open the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge in 2022.

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