Tesla’s new compact SUV


Tesla’s fourth electric creature is the suv Model Y, announced already last year and which is about to enter the United States auto market. It will arrive next month, today we finally see the first image of a series model of the crossover.

Tesla after Model S, Model X and Model 3 wants to present another on the car market extraordinary car with zero emissions, which will probably be offered at a price of 47,000 euros, or at least that’s what we know so far. It seems that then in 2021 it will also arrive a cheaper version the crossover.

Elon Musk had previously stated that the new Tesla Model Y will be marketed in four different versions, Standard Range, Long Range, Dual Motor and Performance. The dimensions differ from the Model X and the new electric does not even have the particular and scenographic doors that open vertically. This is not a small car, we had already seen the new cars interior of the baby SUV, with three rows of seats, and now finally for the first time ever Tesla also shows the aesthetics of the external car.

The new Tesla Model Y it can be ordered in Italy already since last year, in fact in 2019 the concept was shown for the first time in the world, the crossover will be made in the factories of China and the United States of America. Later on, the car will also be produced in Germany, in the new Gigafactory in Berlin that we have talked about a lot. It is a very large factory which will be joined by a design and planning center. German engineering and art for Elon Musk they are a real treasure to draw from.


It was the CEO himself announce the choice Berlin as a European city where the new Gigafactory will be built. The CEO of the leading company in the sector of electric and high-tech cars, on the occasion of the withdrawal of the ‘Il Volante d’Oro’ award in Germany, gave the big announcement.

The deliveries of Tesla Model Y are therefore approaching and will start in about a month. The house has made official the autonomy of its crossover in the WLTP cycle at 505 km for the Long Range variant with all-wheel drive. Let’s see for the first time the serial version of the car in the photo, the new electric crossover will show some optional equipment such as two new variants of rims, 20 ″ Induction and Überturbine 21 ″, which however will decrease the range by about 50 km , due to the greater resistance to advancement.

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