Temperatures will rise to seasonal normals – current news


As a result of the intermittent snowfalls that have been effective since Friday night hours in Istanbul, snow thicknesses in the range of 3-7 cm in the south of TEM Highway and in the districts in the north were recorded in average 10-15 cm. It was reported that the seasonal norms will rise as the snowfall loses its effect from Saturday evening hours.

According to the current meteorological data, he expects the air temperatures in Istanbul to be 3-6 degrees below seasonal normals until February 10, and 1-3 degrees above seasonal normal between February 11-25.

Here are 5-day weather forecasts across the country


In the statement made by IMM, due to snowfall and icing, it is used in main arteries, squares, overpasses, bus stops, etc. It was noted that snow plowing and salting works were carried out at critical points and interventions were received. It was stated that there was no significant negativity as a result of the studies conducted. It was reported that 529 men and 39 women, 568 citizens living in the streets of IMM facilities were guests.

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