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“Teachings of Sufism”, one of the most important works of Carl W. Ernst, professor of Islamic and Sufi studies, is one of the faculty members of Üsküdar University Institute of Sufi Studies. Lecturer. It was translated into Turkish by its member F. Cangüzel Güner Zülfikar. The work, which was published for the first time in Turkish with the name of “Sufi Teachings” with a meticulous translation process, is a concise Sufi history handbook. In addition, it not only addresses the development dimension of Sufism, but also reveals the key points of focusing on the Quran with its deepest dimension, that is, the sufi look.

In his works, Ernst, who examined the Sufi principles with a certain historical perspective, Ernst, in his study, interpreted some Islamic motives from a Sufi perspective, from Abu Nâsır es-Serrâc to Rûzbihân Baklî, from Abu’l-Kâsım el-Kuşeyrî to Necmeddin Kübruf, and many others. He studies with examples from their works and opinions in proportion to the older one. It examines the worldwide mainstays of this understanding within the framework of the tendency of human beings to spiritual pursuit.

Professor Dr. Indicating that he met Carl Ernst in 2001 in Chapel Hill, USA and had the opportunity to work together for many years. While translating the work into Turkish, Cangüzel Güner Zülfikar gives the information that the book was added to the parts that were not actually printed. Dr. Cangüzel Güner Zülfikar makes the following assessment of the book:

It is one of the many fruits of the work of my teacher, who says, “The book you hold. It is not enough to read and translate historical texts, it is necessary to examine them in context and scope.” With this work, the works of Sufis have been influenced everywhere for centuries. revealed what he said ”

The book, which is presented to the reader in a style that provides the method of reading Sufi’s works, has 8 chapter titles:

Understanding of the Qur’an from Serra’s Lumina, the Prophet from the book of Hallâc’s Tavasîn. In the Character of Muhammad, his being the light of light and again in Serrâc’s book, Hz. The sections that the prophet described as an example of morality are included. In the section on Living the Obstacle, there is a section selected from Necmeddin Kübrâ’s work on the situations that the passenger of the road can encounter. The writings of Jesus Cündullah about the contemplation and intercession authority, with what Rûzbihân Baklî wrote about divine and human love, [Sûfî] In the aftermath of listening to the music and the following part about the faults of the disciples was presented. The writings of Kuşeyrî’s Testament about Müridlik and Mürşidlik and Simnânî About Evliâlık are presented. Hz. His narration is about Mevlânâ. In the section where the lives of Sufi ladies such as Râbia Adeviye were presented, parables were conveyed from the ladies of Rifâî and Çiştî Sufi.

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He lost his colonies to France

Roger Garaudy, one of the most well-known Western thinkers in the Islamic world, is asked to pay for his penny during the Second World War. At the command of the French commander, there were Muslim soldiers of Algeria, then the colony of France. The commander orders those soldiers to shoot Garaudy. But the soldiers do not shoot. Although the French commander shouted and whipped each one individually, they did not follow his order. Eventually no Muslim will stop shooting Garaudy, as no Muslim can fire them.

After Garaudy is released, he wants to find out what kind of religion they believe in, those Muslim soldiers who saved their lives. He finds and reads how many works written about Islam in Paris. Already at that time, there was very little book about Islam in France.

It hugs the pen without wasting time. He wrote a book to pay the debt of gratitude and gratitude to the Muslims who saved his life and published his work “The Contribution of Islamic Civilization to Humanity” in 1946, just after the Second World War that ended in 1945.

In reality, this book is a cry. It is a scream made right after the war. It is a buoy sent down to the imperialists. On the other hand, this book is a manifesto that tells the greatness and importance of Islam to the French and the youth of the countries under the colony of France for the first time.

This book forms the core of Garaudy’s later books on Islam. This work, which is small in volume but very large in content, changes the view of many French people to Islam and Muslims. After reading this book, there are many French Muslims who desire to learn more about Islam. The book “The Contribution of Islamic Civilization to Humanity”, which draws attention with its extraordinary effect, was delivered to the Turkish reader with the translation of Cemal Aydın.

This book also raises the awareness of the studying youth of many African countries such as Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Chad, Mali, Senegal, Mauritania, which were the colonies of France at the time. Because colonialist France taught them in schools that their ancestors were uncultured and uncivilized. Garaudy teaches those young people that their ancestors established a true civilization and enlightened the whole world with that civilization. This book, which is hand-to-hand among young people, is extremely effective in starting the independence movements in those countries.

After the publication of the book “The Contribution of Islamic Civilization to Humanity”, even after fifteen years, those countries gained their independence. So it would not be wrong to say “Muslims saved Garaudy from being killed, Garaudy saved the colonial Muslim countries from France”.

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Goal, person and community head

Professor Dr. Niyazi Kahveci’s sixteen speeches on KRT Television, “Contemporary Thinking”, which started in March 2018 and ended at the end of June, were turned into a book upon the intensive request of the audience. Professor of the book, where creating a social awareness is the main goal. Dr. Niyazi Kahveci makes the following assessment: “These lessons include the information we need in our daily life in a systematic way and take us forward. With these programs, our aim is to” think “in general to the society, which is necessary in the daily life of human life. It was possible to awaken the awareness of the importance of the contemporary thinking process and to teach them how to do it. It is possible to create a human mind with a way of thinking with multi-dimensional stimuli. Oral and written stimuli are among them. Our interlocutor is the head layer of the person and the society. ”

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Ecel? Is it assassination?

Researcher writer Hüseyin Hakkı Kahveci, in his book “Atatürk’s Murderers”, which he wrote as a result of many years of work, which he wrote on the axis of his untimely death, pursues the interest of each other: The leader of the Turkish nation, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, was killed as a result of the assassination? Who have been trying to erase the traces of Atatürk from the struggle for liberation to the present day? What actions did those who want to bring down the Turkish nation under the command of the foreign conspirators from the first years of the republic?

Although these questions and the like have been asked many times, this time they find answers with the findings of Kahveci.

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The brightness of our past Ahmet Yesevi

Hoca Ahmet Yesevi, the first Turkish-Islamic mystic, was the first person to sing religious-mystical poems in Turkish at a time when Turkish intellectuals wrote in Arabic and Persian.

Ahmet Yesevi, who is the Piri of the Turks with his name in history, is considered as the most important teacher of our nation, the person who kneads our nationality. An evaluation about him is said as follows: Hodja Ahmet Yesevi is the great guardian from which we owe our Turkishness to Islam from Ortaasya to the Balkans … The brightness of our past is Ahmet Yesevi. The roots of our future are in our past.

Nationality of Turkey, Ahmet Yesevi who hamurkâr, very well known outside of Turkey in the Turkish World and known. However, there are not a few who know and know Hazret Sultan in our country. Our great poet Yahya Kemal Beyatlı; ‘Who is that Ahmet Yesevi? You will see a research. You will find our nationality in Him? ‘ says…

We owe her the development and enrichment of our language to Him. We owe him the correct interpretation of our religion. We owe it to him that our National Culture is firmly attached to our beliefs. Students and followers of Ahmet Yesevi have repeated his poems called “Hikmet” for hundreds of years and enabled the development of the Turkish language as a poetry language. ”

The first edition of the auditions from Yesevi’s “Divan-ı Hikmet” was published by the Ministry of Culture in 1983. Professor Dr. This work, which was prepared for publication by Kemal Eraslan, later made 3 more prints. The publishing year of the 4th edition I have is 2000. The dictionary added to the end of the book is very useful as it gives new vocabulary to the vocabulary. (Ahmet Yabuloğlu)

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