Sudan’s secret meeting with Netanyahu undermines the government


Sudan’s secret meeting with Netanyahu undermines civilian government
Photo: Reuters, Edit: Shaul Adam
Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah on Wednesday criticized the meeting between Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week, saying that all decisions concerning the country’s foreign countries should be taken by his government. On the other hand, Al-Burhan claimed he had updated the government and that the meeting had been organized by the United States.

The Prime Minister’s remarks were further criticized by members of government, political parties and public figures, who were stunned by the meeting in Uganda with a bit of secrecy, until Netanyahu declared him after his flash visit to the country. Netanyahu announced that he had met with the general there, and that Israel and Sudan were working to normalize relations. For Israel, this is a major diplomatic breakthrough against an African Arab Muslim-majority state that is still defined as an enemy state.

The Maddok government said it had not been updated on the meeting and was informed of it through the media. Burhan is the de facto leader of Sudan and heads the military-civilian transition council set up following the ouster of Omar al-Bashir’s tyrant in a military coup that ended his 30-year reign last April, following a civil uprising.

“The road to significant change in Sudan is fraught with challenges and obstacles,” Maddock wrote on Twitter. “However, we must understand that compliance with the functions of lawful institutions is key to building a true democratic state.”

The prime minister added that “the transitional government as a whole should give accountability, accountability and transparency in all its decisions,” but he welcomed Burhan’s statement yesterday, stressing that Sudan still supports the Palestinian people’s aspirations to establish an independent state.

Sudan is a longtime member of the Arab League and, along with the other member states of the organization, on Saturday expressed opposition to US President Donald Trump’s plan, which is significantly inclined to favor Israel and in fact abandons the idea of ​​an independent Palestinian state.

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However, al-Burhan again defended the meeting with the prime minister, saying that he was organized by the United States, without any preconditions or conditions, and that his goal was to remove Sudan from the terror list. He added that he and Netanyahu did not discuss the “century deal” after the Palestinians accused him of “punching a knife in their back” after news of the secret meeting in Entebbe.

Yesterday, Al-Burhan first addressed his meeting with Netanyahu, which he said was “out of the responsibility and importance of maintaining Sudanese national security.” He added that the measure was intended to “achieve the supreme interests of the Sudanese people. Exploration and development of Sudan-Israel relations is the responsibility of the institutions concerned, as provided for in the Constitution.”

However, al-Burhan also reiterated Sudan’s fundamental position on the Palestinian issue, and its support for the Palestinians’ right to establish an independent state “which remains, and will continue to be, in the Arab consensus under the decisions of the Arab League.” This, after the Palestinians criticized the meeting and called it a “knife on the back of the Palestinian people”.

The Sudanese Communist Party, which is part of the protest movement that led to Bashir’s ouster last April, echoed that condemnation. A party spokeswoman said in a video broadcast on the party’s Facebook page that “what happened at the meeting between Al-Burhan and Netanyahu is a stabbing on the back of the Sudanese people’s struggle against imperialists and their continued support for the Palestinians.” He condemned the Cabinet statement, adding that “the government should say directly what it was about the meeting and not say it was not notified.”

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