Standard (1-3): what to remember from the match (Genk)


Genk - Standard (1-3): what to remember from the match

Duje Cop did not tremble against Didillon.

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Standard did not doubt against Genk and logically won 1-3. Vanheusden, Cop and Boljevic led the way towards a victory which returns Genk to 7 points in the standings.

Standard went on to win Sunday at Genk as part of the 26th day of the Belgian football championship (1-3). Zinho Vanheusden (31st, 0-1), Duje Cop (42nd, 0-2) and Aleksandar Boljevic (90th + 3, 1-3) consolidated 5th place in the Rouches,

Finally a victory against the top 6

Genk is definitely doing well at Standard. Faced with the current top 6, Standard had won only one match this season: the first leg against Genk at Sclessin (1-0, 19/10/2019). The balance sheet therefore improves somewhat before starting the play-off.

A victory which also allows the Rouches to widen the gap on these same Limburgers since the lead is now 7 points (45 against 38 pts). What stay at a good distance from the Antwerp (47 pts) and Charleroi (48 pts).

Genk - Standard (1-3): what to remember from the match

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The art of being scared

Despite the score, Preud’homme’s men weren’t calm until the final whistle. Genk never gave up and reduced the gap thanks to Dewaest in the 84th. Limburgese occasions followed one another, to the point of making Standard doubt. Fortunately, after a new stop by Bodart, Standard went against and Boljevic, who had risen to the game in place of Carcela (82nd), only had to push a ball that Lestienne slipped him to seal the score at 1-3.

The victory is nonetheless undeserved since, apart from a few thrusts from Genk at the start of the match, Standard was superior in the game and in terms of chances.

Cop scorer, first in the league in almost 2 years

Well launched by Selim Amallah, Cop showed great mastery when pushing the ball into the bottom and deceiving Didillon. The joy was clearly visible on the Croatian’s face.

It must be said that the wait was long for Duje Cop. He hadn’t scored in the league since May 6, 2018. He was in play-off 1 against … Genk. Or a wait of 651 days without scoring in the championship. The striker scored a Cup goal against Rebecq last December, but this is his first season in the Pro League.

Genk - Standard (1-3): what to remember from the match

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