Speaking on the 41st anniversary of the Iranian Islamic Revolution, the Spiritual people urged to vote


Iran celebrates the 41st anniversary of the 79 Islamic Revolutions in the shadow of the tensions that escalated with the United States (US).

US and upcoming Iran elections were on the agenda of President Hasan Ruhani’s speech on the 41st anniversary of the Iranian Islamic Revolution at Azadi Square in the capital Tehran.

In his speech, Iran’s political leader called on the people to vote in the upcoming elections.

In the country, which saw the high participation rate as a vote of confidence in the Shia theocracy, the “accidental” dropping of the Ukrainian airline aircraft in January caused a public reaction.

Spiritual, “We must not leave the ballot boxes, the ballot boxes are our savior,” called out to thousands of people in Azadi Square.

Protest demonstrations began in the country in November after the government’s hikes to fuel prices. Amnesty International says more than 300 people died in demonstrations.

Spiritual, on the other hand, urged the public to vote on Tuesday saying, “Despite possible complaints and criticism,” “I beg you not to be passive.”

Iranian state television has attributed this year’s celebration to Iran’s Jerusalem Day Commander Kasım Süleymani, who died in the US airstrikes. During the Speaker’s speech, a huge poster of Solomon was seen behind him.

The seeds of the Islamic Revolution in Iran were planted with riots against the Shah Reza Pahlavi administration. After days of clashes, the Shah left Iran in 1979. Then, on February 1, Ayatollah Ruhullah Khomeini returned from exile, and on February 11 the government was overthrown.

After the voting, the first religious leader of Iran, which was transformed into an Islamic Republic by regime change, was Khomeini.

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