Spain, the government proposes the introduction of the crime of apology of Francoism: “Democracy does not pay homage to dictators or tyrants”


The new Spanish socialist government declares war on Francoism and, 45 years after the death of Caudillo, submit the proposal of reform of the penal code which, among other things, provides for the introduction of the crime of apology of Francoism. A bill, that of the executive PSOE-Podemos and presented by the deputy premier with responsibility for democratic memory, Carmen Calvo, which aims to integrate and strengthen the law on historical memory of the former premier José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, as reported Avvenire.

Among the consequences of the law, if approved, there will also be the end of the demonstrations of 20 November, during which the nostalgic people of Francisco Franco celebrate the anniversary of death. In addition to stop to public funding indirect to the Foundation which bears the name of the dictator.

The law will also put a point on negationist theories, some of which also welcomed by the far-right Vox party, according to which Franco “he was not a fascist nor was he the author of a coup d’état ”. Not surprisingly, the training leader criticized the executive’s plans by speaking of a “willingness to criminalize those who think differently “and to” censor freedom of expression “. Rhetoric that, if it were to take the field, would risk creating a boomerang effect towards the newborn government. The proposal was also contested by the Popular party, according to which it is unfair to try to eradicate Francoism and not to use the same meter against Communism, as the spokesperson for the PP declared, Jaime Mateu.

Adriana Lastra, the PSOE spokesperson, however, was clear: “Democracy does not pay homage to dictators or tyrants,” he said with the same terms used on the occasion of the transfer of the remains of the Caudillo from the mausoleum in the Valle de los Caidos at the cemetery in El Pardo. Another provision that has created many controversies between anti-Francoists and denialists. And it increases the dose, saying that the Francoist was “a fascist dictatorship, the same age as the Nazism he was born in Italian fascism“.

The will is also to establish a number that is as close as possible to the reality of the victims of the regime: “We are the only democracy that continues to have desaparecidos. We want to know how many, in the most faithful way possible. ”


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