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Siena, 10 February 2020 – Discovery a Siena an international tax evasion of approx 1.5 million euros. At the heart of the investigations of the Guardia di Finanza di Siena a company with registered office formally registered in the United States of America, but operating in Italy, in the production and trade sector of wine, by means of a small cellar in the Chianti.

The in-depth analysis of the company has made it possible to highlight the margins of production compared to the total amount of business achieved through the marketing, throughout the world, of wine from various national DOCGs. The investigations have, in fact, revealed a complex structure organized in various company teams, whose management center was most recently found in Bologna where, in an apartment, the investigators found a great deal of documentation, which had been hidden. The subsequent examination therefore made it possible to reconstruct the company’s formation process, which took place in 2014 in Alessandria.

The company, however, to evade the Italian tax authorities, had declared its registered office in Miami, in the state of Florida (USA), where tax legislation is particularly favorable. In fact, the investigations have shown how, instead, the company actually operated in the national territory, under the direction and management of Italian citizens and the in-depth studies on the foreign address showed the correspondence of the registered office in a simple private home.

The escamotage allowed the company not to declare its income to the Italian tax authorities; but the intervention of the Guardia di Finanza of Siena put an end to the evasive system put in place by the legal entity, against which the failure to declare revenues for an amount of approximately 1.5 million euros was promptly contested.

The transaction led to the report to the Asti Judicial Authority of the pro-tempore legal representative of the foreign-invested company for not having filed the tax return in Italy; at the same time, to guarantee the tax credit, the issue of a preventive seizure decree was proposed for the purpose of confiscation for equivalent

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