Schools open in Tuscany. There are no more endangered areas in the region


President Rossi together with the councilor for health Stefania Saccardi and the president of the Anci Matteo Biffoni met the Tuscan mayors to illustrate the guidelines for managing the Coronavirus emergency.

“So far – explained Rossi – all the suspicious cases that occurred in Tuscany, even those that turned out to be negative, have been isolated and evaluated. The situation currently appears to be under control and there are no conditions to justify emergency measures such as, for example, the closure of schools or the suspension of competitions“.

“There are only two cases of positive swabs – he added – for which there is still no definitive confirmation from the Ministry. For the moment the situation is under control. There is no outbreaknor has an area with the highest contagion potential been defined. The prevention and control system put in place seems to be working. The situation evolves day by day, so if conditions change, control measures will also change. Attention remains high, but every measure must be taken according to scientific criteria. We need to make rationality and logic prevail, not to indulge fear just to appease public opinion “.

“Our primary interest – added the president – was to make health facilities safe. The efficiency of hospitals and places of treatment must be protected first of all, also because if the virus really spreads, those places will prove to be fundamental. The case of Codogno shows better than any other example what the consequences are when the safety of a hospital ‘collapses’. To avoid this, it is essential that special’ corridors’ are created to isolate suspicious cases, which must not ‘impact “on normal health procedures. This is what we have done so far, as also the case, which fortunately turned out to be negative, of the lady ‘taken charge’ from 118 to Santa Maria Novella”.

Rossi recalled that there are two bastions of the ordinances and ministerial measures: the buffer, which is performed only on symptomatic subjects, and theself-isolation, which applies to those who have had direct and prolonged contact with subjects who have tested positive.

The president reiterated

Only those who return to Tuscany from one of the contagion areas (China, Veneto and Lombardy), or has been in close contact with someone from these areas and has symptoms of an acute disease of the respiratory tract must contact the three numbers made available by the Healthcare Companies.

Anyone with general symptoms or who has not had a relationship with the contagion areas must first contact their doctor or pediatrician.. General practitioners and pediatricians they must necessarily be reachable by phone between 8 and 20, in order to provide personalized advice. The availability in this time slot is mandatory according to an order of the President of the Region and in the event of verified violations disciplinary measures will be taken and the agreement will be revoked with the Tuscany Region.

No carpet swabs will be made, nor will all persons in controlled isolation be made. The swabs will be made only to those who present suspicious symptoms and have had contact with the areas of infection.

It is mandatory for those who come from China, Lombardy or Veneto to show up, those who do not commit one criminal infringement, as well as those who leave the outbreak areas.

“We identified and brought thousands of people under control, starting with the 1,500 Chinese people who had returned since the New Year. We did it seriously, going back to the parents through the school absences of their children, contacting them family by family. It was more difficult to trace those who had no children, but to a large extent we succeeded in finding a great sense of responsibility in the Chinese community, which was very disciplined “.

Family doctors

“It is important to reiterate the central role of family doctors and pediatricians in this situation – he added – their work, in parallel with isolation under surveillance for those coming from dangerous contacts, is the basis for organizing a capillary prevention system and structured. ” “At this moment the case in the province of Pistoia is under control, while on that of Florence checks are underway on the contacts of the person concerned. The surveillance is high. If there are developments and urgent measures are necessary, we will take them all together and must be gradual, scientifically based and in line with the principles of adequacy and proportion “.

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