Saudi Arabia Tafares confuse Gros .. Hosawi miss the victory … and the resignation of the falcon


There is no voice in Saudi Arabia over the voice of Saudi clubs’ preparation for the first round of matches AFC Champions LeagueAnd also the dispute between the Dutchman Teen Cat Team Technical Director Jeddah UnionAnd Saleh Al-Saqri, director of football, who ended up being ousted from the head of the technical staff of the “Tigers”.

Team faces My family is Jeddah Counterpart Emirati unityIn the first round of the AFC Champions League, a team will meet Saudi victory Counterpart Qatari Dam In a difficult and strong destination for both teams.

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Tavares confuses Gross accounts with the people of Jeddah

Cape Verde striker Djanini swamped the Swiss bank account’s devastation Christian Gross, The technical manager of Al-Ahly Jeddah team, after he failed the team’s mission in the UAE, in preparation for facing the Al-Wahda team in the first round of the AFC Champions League.And the Saudi sports newspaper revealed that Al-Akhdari striker Djanini Tavares left his team’s mission in Abu Dhabi due to the delay in taking off his flight from the French capital Paris to the Emirates.

The flight was delayed due to the rainstorms that swept across Europe on Saturday, which started from the Portuguese city of Lisbon where the player was located to buy a new home for his family.

Omar Hawsawi miss the victory in front of the Qatari dam

In another matter, it was confirmed the absence of defender Omar Hawsawi, the star of the first Saudi Al-Nasr football team, from his team’s match against Al-Sadd in the first round of the AFC Champions League.

As the victory crisis increases in this match as well, the opportunity for the three players of the team: Abdullah Mado, Abd Al-Fattah Adam and Abdullah Al-Khaibri diminishes the opportunity due to their lack of physical and fitness availability.

Saleh Al-Saqri leaves the Jeddah Union

Finally, Saleh Al-Saqri, director of football at Al-Ittihad Jeddah club, officially submitted his resignation, from his duties, due to the differences between him and the Dutch coach, Tin Kate, the technical manager of Al-Ittihad Jeddah.

Tin Cat had asked to dispense with the hawk after he breached the system he had put in by granting player permits without returning, to the coach for approval.

Al-Saqri allowed the international goalkeeper Fawaz Al-Qarni to leave Al-Qassim to Riyadh and from there to Jeddah, in contrast to the team’s mission that left directly to Jeddah, which provoked the coach, and caused his explosion in front of the players on the team’s bus leaving the stadium of the match to the airport, at that time, as Tin Cat revealed Falconer would have given other players direct permissions from him without returning to him.

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