Saudi Arabia Motivational rewards for Al Ittihad players … and Jerus refuses to bargain


Every morning, AS Arabia accompanies its followers, on a tour of the highlights of the Saudi press in its Sunday 16th February 2020 edition.

The spotlight was on the Jeddah Union team, who managed to reach the semi-finals of the Championship of the Mohammed VI Cup of Clubs Champions, after beating Olympic Safi Moroccan team in their own home, to beat it by the total of the two games (2-1).

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The Jeddah semi-final will be fiercely contested, as it will strike an appointment with the youth team.

Huge rewards for the union

The management of Al-Ittihad club was keen on appreciating the players after the climb, as the administration allocated a financial reward of 50 thousand riyals for qualifying for the semi-finals of the Arab Championship.

The federal administration aims to raise the morale of the players to continue the track of Arab victories, and shine in the remaining matches in the league starting from facing Al Hilal next Saturday.

Gros is determined to his terms

The Swiss refused Christian Gross, Team coach Al-Ahly The first for football is to reduce the penalty clause in the event of his dismissal from the team’s training, as the administration is negotiating to settle the amount in the current period.

Gross stayed in Jeddah yesterday, and did not travel with the team to Kuwait, in preparation for facing his Iranian counterpart within the group stage of the AFC Champions League..

Al-Riyadiah newspaper pointed out that Gross claims six million riyals, represented in the rest of his salaries until the end of his contract, in addition to the penalty clause, justifying the non-assignment of any sums by rejecting a federal offer, exceeding Al-Ahly’s offer before signing with the latter in appreciation of his relationship with the club.

The injured return to Al-Ahly

Syrian Omar Al-Soma and Algerian Youssef Blaili, players of Al-Ahly Football Club, advanced the team’s mission, which arrived yesterday to Kuwait, in preparation for the confrontation of Iran’s Iranian independence, tomorrow, in the framework of the second round competitions of the group stage of the AFC Champions League.

Al-Soma and Al-Balaili became among the technical staff’s accounts, after recovering from the injury that they missed from participating with the team in the last games.

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