Sardine, the activist who criticized Mattia Santori expelled: “They kicked me out with a vote on WhatsApp”


You can smell fish on the left, Sardines age quickly. The newborn movement risks moving from the delivery room to the nursing home without even going through a seat in Parliament. And the fault lies above all with the leader Mattia Santori, who after the Emilia Regionals had promised to disappear for some time but was unable to resist media temptations. He continued to collect multiple appearances on the small screen of Albano, Belen, and Malgioglio put together. And the drama of the young tuna is that the more he speaks, the more he wraps up and loses credibility.

As long as he had limited himself to repeating his “Salvini is bad” message, the 32-year-old semi-busy hadn’t struggled to keep his sharks together. As soon as he finally tried to get off the track and express some opinion, the followers immediately understood that they did not have in front of that genius of political communication that many commentators had thought they had discovered. And now the anchovies continue to tear each other.

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On the other hand, day after day, the list of madhouse outings ringed by the young Bolognese is getting longer. Thursday launched into an incomprehensible parallel to red lights between his initiatives and those of the Northern League: “Salvini is an erotic tamarro, instead we propose a model of romantic erotic”. A chilling image. But still better than the riddle that he proposed to Di Martedì a few weeks ago: «But if an autistic child when he passes the basketball, he withdraws his hands, how can he pass the ball to him and make sure that he picks it up with the hands you can’t use? ». Incomprehensible conundrum. The only certainty is that the poor child should be kept away from these subjects. The movement of the “partisans of the new millennium”, as Santori had always defined them a few days ago in an interview with Corriere, making half of Italy laugh. The other half, on the other hand, found the proposal to establish a strange Erasmus program between the North and South of the country irresistible.

In summary, instead of sending young people to study abroad for a period, the idea would be to send them to Foggia or somewhere else on the peninsula to educate themselves. Bullshit that, however, was not shot at the bar, but proposed directly during a meeting with the Minister for the South. And so a half-riot broke out in the group. A delegate from Basilicata criticized the leaders and was expelled yesterday (“They kicked me out after a vote on Whatsapp,” he explained). And in the end the Calabrian leader Jasmine Cristallo had to apologize: “We did not intend to resolve the southern question with this”. A few days earlier, however, it was Cristallo herself who had contested Santori for having decided to be photographed with Luciano Benetton and Oliviero Toscani.

A portrait that according to the girl “certainly instills strongly negative reactions”, obviously referring to the tragedy of the Morandi bridge. And in fact after the publication of that shot for the first time the social networks were filled with insults against the Emilian boys. For the first time the leader was challenged in the square while trying to speak to journalists. And above all following the discussions came the split with the Roman commander Stephen Ogongo, who had gone shooting at zero against the 4 founders, accused of having deployed their creature “too left”. It is also difficult to forget the clashes over the management of the association’s cash register, which is always the prerogative of the same four.

So the squares are starting to empty. Before Santori did not find it difficult to find emulators in all cities (a sort of franchise of balebreakers). Last week, on the contrary, a few dozen desperate people came to the rally organized in Scampia. The organizers reacted by relaunching and setting new appointments. The real test will be tomorrow in Rome. In December the four Bolognese had gathered 35 thousand people in Piazza San Giovanni. If things go differently this time, another internal brawl will inevitably break out.

by Lorenzo Mottola

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