Sardine, controversy breaks out for group photo with Benetton. Melons and grillini go wild on the web


For hours, together with #coronavirus, the most trendy hashtag on Italian social networks has been #Benetton, that is the latest controversy of an Italy avid for direct confrontations. It happened that the founders of the Sardine – Mattia Santori, Roberto Morotti, Giulia Trappoloni and Andrea Garreffa – went to Treviso to visit the Fabrica foundation and ended the day with a nice group snapshot: they, the young creative guests of the space, the director Oliviero Toscani and the founder Luciano Benetton. The photo (obviously posted real time on the Internet) did not escape those who do not associate the Venetian entrepreneur with the multicolored sweaters known all over the world but with the Morandi Bridge, the chaos of Autostrade-Atlantia and, above all, the political galaxy of family reference, or the Pd, the quintessential Italian gauche caviar.

«Sardines at the court of Luciano Benetton, head of the family that controls Atlantia and Autostrade spa. The fable of the popular movement ends in ridicule, spontaneous and alternative to the strong powers ». Among the first to relaunch the image of the alleged “unmasking” on Twitter is the leader of Fratelli d’Italia Giorgia Meloni who, strong for months of great popularity, speaks to the Net with the direct and mediation-free approach that has long been prerogative of his ally and rival Matteo Salvini.

Meloni’s j’accuse is followed by a flood of “children of the underworld”, “communists”, “beginning to understand who financed them” but alongside the headlines of the opposition newspapers, from “Libero” to “Giornale”, there are a huge amount of comments attributable to the majority, precisely to that grill component of the majority that has always shown distrust for the Sardines and for their never hidden closeness to a certain idea of ​​the Prodian left. So, give the caste, the high speed, the establishment: «Today the #Sardine where they go to #Arcore, to demonstrate x the #SiTav or to collect signatures for the repeal of the #Redditodicittadinanza and the reintroduction of #Vitalizi and #Prescription? »,« #Benetton #RevocationConcessions # 1February #Casta #Buffoni #Santori #BeiCapelli »,« # Santori / # Sardine + # Benetton #Autostrade + #ENI (pro drills and more) = Italian Deep State ». Only a reference to Soros was missing, but it will probably come.

They, the Sardines, who, to be honest, if they hadn’t wanted the controversy would have avoided the photo, replied, post against post, on Facebook: «A photo doesn’t make spring. Yesterday we went to visit Fabrica. It is a training center for young communicators created by Oliviero Toscani and Luciano Benetton, which hosts boys and girls from all over the world by providing scholarships and work. A cultural innovation center founded in 1994 which is based in what is the first work of the architect Tadao Ando in Europe. An evocative place where the concepts of communication, creativity and innovation are intertwined with delicate themes such as immigration, HIV and gender-based violence …. “. And it is true that Fabrica is a social incubator, the now highly acclaimed Syrian musician Alaa Arshed passed by before getting refugee permission. But the terrain is mined, Italy is, the age of innocence has long since been lost. A photo will not make spring but controversy, creates debate and raises the level of confrontation.

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