Sanremo, Tecla’s victory announced in advance, but the prize for the New Proposals goes to Leo Gassmann


Sanremo 2020, gaffe on the Instagram profile of the festival: Tecla winner before the announcement

Shortly after 21:10 the Trash Italiano Twitter account publishes a screenshot from Instagram. The graphics are the same as the official Sanremorai account, with Tecla announced as the winner of the New Proposals category of the 70th Sanremo Festival. The original image is immediately deleted, but in the meantime other screenshots begin to circulate on Twitter, together with the not really kind comments of those who follow the live competition most viewed in Italy. From “Shame!” To the ironic “There was nothing prepared, no”, and go with animated Gifs.

After a few minutes the official apology arrives: “We already have the cards ready with all the possible winners. We mistakenly published both Tecla’s and Marco Sentieri’s, in place of those to remember the televoting code. We are human, “writes Sanremorai’s account on Twitter.

Leo Gassman surprisingly beats the favorite Tecla and the press room also rewards the Eugenio

Meanwhile, the evening continues on stage without a hitch, both Sentieri and Fasma are excluded, Fiorello sings Green Mountains Marcella dressed as a rabbit, then Amadeus announces the winner. And surprise, it is not Tecla with his March 8, but Leo Gassmann with Go so good. We dare not imagine what would have happened if Tecla had really won.

His son Leo wins in Sanremo 2020, Alessandro Gassmann celebrates on Twitter

Here is the live broadcast of the fourth evening of the Festival:

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