Sandy Jeannin extends his adventure with CP Fleurier


Present at the helm of CP Fleurier since 2016, Sandy Jeannin (43) will remain the head coach of the Vallon club for the next two seasons. During this exercise, the first Fleurisanne team was eliminated in the play-off quarter-finals after having participated in the lower masterround in the second league.

Despite this disappointing campaign, the two sides wanted to continue their common adventure, writes the club in its press release. Still, Sandy Jeannin allowed herself a period of reflection before making her decision.

“I am a competitor and the frustrating results of our team, which admittedly had more than ten injured when entering the play-off, worried me,” he said in the statement.

“I needed to take a step back from the emotions, to take stock and my self-criticism but also to discuss with my leaders. It’s done and I can now focus on the future. “

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